Don't sleep on Bright Memory

I think this is the prequel to Bright Memory infinate coming out next year but this game looks and plays amazing on the series X and was only like 8$. Well worth it so far.


Already purchased it the other day. Will play it eventually. LOL.

Looks great, played through the 1st hour or so

I just finished it (it’s pretty short, which wasn’t a surprise). I have to say, there’s a lot of potential there. It’s like a cross between Tomb Raider, Dark Souls and Metal Gear, but as an FPS. Not sure how I feel about that. :smile:


Well I’m sold. $8 is pretty good too, makes it nice and easy to use up any expiring credit.

I gotta say the performance was terrible at times. The screen tearing honestly made my head hurt at times.

It’s certainly interesting and fun, reminds me of Shadow Warrior but…cooler setting? I’ll definitely finish it and get the full game at launch.

I finished it and it ran flawlessly. But my buddy also played it and said performance was abysmal for him. Very odd.

You can turn Vsync on in the graphics menu and for me it fixed tearing issues. The game has an almost PC like graphic options menu on Series X


Is raytracing present in this?

Looks like it to me, if it is not “real” ray tracing it is a good knock off of it

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Going to try this. THANK YOU!

Pretty neat how one person made this.


Its quite wasier to tell, RT reflections will appear even if the object being reflected is not on screen.

Bright Memory did need some tweaking in terms of control and video setup, it’s got mouse cursor menu controls and I had to crank up sensitivity and FOV to make it playable.

It’s like dark souls and vanquish had a baby with the bulletstorm soundtrack playing

I’m going to hold out for Bright Memory Infinite.

If this is anything like the offering that is currently on PC, it’s excellent gameplay-wise, but it’s not much more than a paid demo in actual length.

Well it’s only 8$ and a really good game to show off the Series X

The game is fun and 8$ who freakin cares about meta scores?


The guy who said something about “poopy” developers in another thread. That’s his thing.


Just played this. It has issues with Screen Tearing (that can thankfully be fixed), many audio bugs and can be beaten in 40 minutes but it’s also really fun. Reminds me of IdTech games. If I was a financier and you showed me this, I’d greenlight Bright Memory Infinite on the spot.

I just realised it’s not on Xbox One. Is there something about this game that makes it so it can’t run on a Xbox One?