Don't sleep on Bright Memory

I mean, it doesn’t run on my laptop and that’s RTX 2060 Max Q and Ryzen 7 4th gen. It’s not very well optimized and this version is pretty much a PC port.

It’s been surprisingly better than I thought it would be and it reminds of Tomb raider too, it’s a bit weird it’s like a first person Tomb raider, I haven’t finished it yet but it’s been fun so far and it was just 8 dollars!

Yea it is way to graphically intense for the Xbox One. The game looks very next gen

An update was release a few hours ago -


Cool I’ll load it up and see how it plays now

  • Bright Memory Infinite Villain Opening Trailer
  • 2021 Global Release
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For a one man dev team that’s pretty incredible looking

The game was pretty pants, but whilst playing through it, I did see potential throughout.

If it had better performance, and felt a lot more polished, it could be a nice budget title.