Don't Expect a Big Xbox Event for March

Obvious rumors and speculation is heating up due to the Bethesda purchase and journalists talking about Elden Ring.

Greenberg decided to come out and say that “World Premiere” event is not coming anytime soon.


I think I like this version of Greenberg where he sets expectations instead of proclaiming the second coming of Jesus for everything lol.

That confirms that the March event is more tech oriented. I think Microsoft will once again go with a May event for smaller 3rd party games and a July showcase as the main one, only this time hopefully we get a bit more substance and less overhyping.


Does it confirm that? Would something similar to the content from State of Play be considered world premier? (Outside of FF7R PS5).

I don’t want any more world premieres, that’s the problem, we’ve already had way too many of them with Fable, Avowed, Perfect Dark, State of Decay 3, FM8, Starfield, TES6, so on and all of them are years away so I won’t even bother. What we need is updates on any of the games coming in the following months. I don’t want trailers or gameplay shit from any of the above, but I want updates on all the smaller games for the first half of 2021, so hearing there’s nothing coming soon that would feature game announcements or premieres like this is completely fine, just hope that doesn’t mean they can’t update us on already announced games for 2021. Hope March has something at least.

Well the event is apparently called ‘what’s new in gaming’ and is coinciding with other events from Microsoft plus we know there are announcements incoming in regards to cloud gaming, so Greenberg’s tweet is making it more likely that the event in March is more tech oriented.

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Yeah, i definitely expect them to talk game streaming. Not sure that can carry an entire event though.

I want to see Starfield but you gotta save stuff for E3. I think it’s most important that we understand their plans with Bethesda once this deal closes.


Probably not, but I am sure Xbox has something else in the works. I guess we will have to wait and see.



Honestly, I think they should have like a direct like event that focuses just on Bethesda and what they have in the works. I think Bethesda is big enough that they can have a major event before E3. Like Microsoft can have that show in April or May, and then do their E3/Summer show in June or July. I think that will be the wise thing to do, so they can stay in headlines for the next quarter.

Also i think for Halo they should also have a state of play like event that does a deep dive on the campaign and multiplay. Plus they can go more in depth in that new BTB mode they’ve been working on.


The Tom Warren tweet should rein everyone in concerning the March event, yet there will still be meltdowns and histrionics abound.

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And there you go, just as I thought. For me it makes it no less interesting because I am obviously deep in the Xbox ecosystem, but this will set people’s expectations as to what to expect.

I guess we can start speculating what will likely see.

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Greenberg also said they didnt have anything to show at the TGA

Except he didnt. He literally said they had a few moments in the show but nothing on the scale of last year, which was correct considering they announced both hellblade 2 and the whole xbox series x console there.

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Nah they just need more stuff if that’s the case. Bring more. Do better.

Why are yall so thirsty? Are you guys like this every year or just at the start of the generation?