Don't buy an Elite Series 2, the build quality is shocking

Agreed, waiting for Series 3. Got one and A button was double pressing immediately. Not gonna play “return the controller till I get one that works.”.

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I had never had a controller go bad on me, ever, in like 15 years on console. Then in the past year I’ve had:

  • Joy con drift, and then more joy con drift shortly after repairing it with a new stick
  • Stick drift on a normal XB1 controller
  • Series 2 where the left stick basically stopped rotating smoothly

Yeah who knows. But I got the two year warranty on the series 2 and love playing with it in any case.

I’m sending my controller back tomorrow but I thought I would use it first to see what it’s like and I don’t like it at all.

The paddles are useless. I keep hitting them by accident.

There are only two things about it that are an improvement over the standard controller. The trigger stops are great for FPS games and the built-in battery is supposedly really good. Everything else I prefer the standard controller. Big yikes from me.

It took a bit of getting used to but I LOVE the paddles for FPS games.

I usually program one of the paddles as jump so I’m not taking my right thumb off the thumb stick to press one of the face buttons. It lets you jump and still look around at the same time.

Reload also comes in handy on the paddles.

If you don’t like the Elite 2 build quality, check out some stuff from Scuf gaming. Their controllers review really well and don’t have the same reported build quality issues.

I was torn between Scuf and Elite 2.

I tested multiple Elite 2 controllers over the last year and ended up getting rid of it. The A button issues and trigger lock covers popping off was an issue on all 3.

Hey all, first post, woo! :slight_smile:

I just treated myself to an Elite 2 since I’ve missed out on a Series X for now and was looking for some ideas on what people use the paddles for. I have Reload and screenshot pro tem, as I take tons of screenshots when playing NMS and reload guns all the time in destiny.

Reading about build quality though has me a little worried now, this isn’t cheap and if its not up to snuff I may prefer to wait til DesignLab reopens and I can get a new model coloured as I wish. I got it via Amazon so coul return pretty easily, is it worth trying it our for a week first would anyone say?


I use the top left paddle for reload and the top right for jump.

Jumping with a paddle while still being able to aim with the right stick is game changing.

I usually use the lower paddles for run or crouch, etc.

In Rainbow Six I use them to peak left and right rather than clicking in the thumb sticks.

Enjoy the controller!


Oh wow, I understood immediately the benefit to reload being on the paddle, but jump too. Never crossed my mind :slight_smile: Thanks.

I only use two paddles. 4 seemed to get in the way. In many games, I replace the LB/RB functions. But the V2 (and even moreso on the new Series controllers) the bumpers seem easier to use by rolling my index finger rather than lift-and-press.

In shooters, jump and reload go to the paddles. In Forza Horizon, they’re shift up/down. In isometric games (Torchlight or Diablo) they use to also be the shoulder buttons for ability use. Dying Light was also the shoulder buttons. In Ace Combat, I haven’t settled on paddles for yaw, weapons, or targeting yet.

Good time to revisit. So how is the build quality now? I tried 3 of these earlier in the year and they either had face buttons not always registering, random disconnect problems or controller powering off and/or not charging properly. Some issue out of the box, some after only a couple of weeks usage.

How’s everyone else’s mileage been?

So far, I’m happy with all the changes from the V1. No dedicated share button doesn’t bother me because I don’t use it, and it can be programmed for those that do.

Like a few others here, though, my A button stuck when pressed; but not every time. It seemed most consistent if I pressed the A button while sweeping a bit towards the B button. Pressing straightdown and up seemed ok. I’ve cleaned it (cotton swap and alcohol) and tried to abuse it a bit and it seems to be working OK, now. It’s very new (less than a week), though.

I’ve not had much time to test, but mine seems solid enough for now. I may give it a spin this week and provided all seems solid still I’ll keep it. It really is nice and heavy too.

I’m on my third controller. :sweat_smile:

Indeed the Elite controllers have a LB/RB problem. My Series 2 RB is not registering all clicks anymore. On my OG Elite the RB button broke but I was able to self repair. Do not know if self repair is an option with the Series 2. Though the texture on the Series 2 does a better job staying intact compared to the OG Elite which completely went loose for me. I helped myself with custom grips.

While all this problems exist there is no better controller available though.

I’m currently using an original Elite, but with the paddles from the Series 2 and energizer ultimate lithium batteries (extremely light compared to any rechargeable and longest lasting disposables you can buy). Best config I’ve used.

But yeah I do wonder what I’ll do when it finally dies at some point from stick drift or something else. Its been used very, very heavily for a couple of years now.

Still using my original Elite V1 controller. I did have to do a self-repair of the Bumpers as the RB no longer registered clicks. I was planning on replacing the texture grips as well, but only about 20% is decayed so I keep postponing it.

Today I gamed for an hour with the Series X controller. It’s very nice feel indeed. The D-Pad feels better than the Elite’s. It also has significantly nicer texture on the handles than the Elite V1. The Elite V1 texture grip seems soft material, while the Series controller is firm. I think the buttons are closer together too, or at least it feels like they’re closer together. The bumpers feels improved too. Maybe it’s because the controller is new, but the triggers don’t feel as soft as the Elite’s or has slightly more bounce back.

I really hope they release an Elite V3 soon with the improvements from the Series X controller.

@Colbert which custom grips did you go with for the Elite?

Yeah reload and jump are good, I also love using it for scope or other things that are usually mapped to clicking the sticks in.

Enjoy the controller, my second one has been great and I love the feel (and the 360 sticks!) but I did have to send my first one back, warranty is probably worth it sadly :-/

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Im really happy with the new Series controller, The differences may seem small but the added texture grip, clicky Dpad and refined size really make it amazing it feels like its glued to my hands and they are perfectly moulded to it.


Agree 100%, it’s amazing to me that they made it feel even better when Xbox One was already so good. Somehow the texturing really makes a difference.

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Yeah really feels nice in the hands, perfect size. I’m not so sad my designlab one died now… If we get the opportunity to customise an Elite v3. Oh god lord, I would spend so much money.