Don't buy an Elite Series 2, the build quality is shocking

The title says it all.

I opened mine pressed the A button and it was sticking right away. I looked it up and this is a major problem.

How are they still so bad at manufacturing these? The build quality is shocking. I got a refund instead of a replacement. Maybe the Series 3 will fix these issues.

Queue lots of “my Elite Series 2 is fine” responses…

My Elite Series 2 is fine.

If it’s new, return it for another? Clearly they are not all borked.

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No issues with mine here either OP - build quality is a vast improvement over the 1st Gen of the Elite pads. Personally, I would have asked for a replacement. But it’s your call.


I had a stick drift problem with mine but returned it and not had the problem at all

It’s not perfect. Not every model, but the improvements over Series 1 are noticeable. Especially in build quality. But then again I rarely use my Elite

The regular Xbox controller are definitely more sturdy tho

Had problems with my right trigger sticking for about a week, got to where I was going to open it to fix, but it is fine again and has been for 2 months.

Mine is great. I am still waiting for the rubber grips to come off like it did with the series 1. But so far everything’s great. But it will be 1 year this november which is how long the first elite lasted in my hands. So as of right now it’s the best controller ever made.

Wish I got that lucky. I thought I would bite when the price dropped to £125 but it was broke the first time I pressed the button. I give it a few hours hoping it would click normally but no luck. It got stuck every 10th press or so.

I have both Series 1|2 both are fine, but I do realize I tend to get lucky with electronics.

I had my A button stick a little when i first got it. I just had to take q tip and rubbing alcohol around the A button. Then blew it out with a can of compressed air and it was fine after that.

Elite 2 really makes every game play better for me so I can’t give it up. That said, after Elite 1, I bought the warranty. All Xbox controllers are susceptible to breaking down over time. I do believe while the Elite 2 is better than the 1 in this department, there are still potential issues. Best to buy a 2 year warranty from a place like Best Buy and if there’s anything that feels slightly off as the warranty is about to expire, trade it. Sorry to hear you’re having problem OP.


was discussing build quality of controllers with my team at work this morning - my boss was saying he hates his Xbox controllers, has had several break, etc. Another coworker said she has had to buy at least 5 replacement PS controllers in the last few years. Thought it was interesting that they had had vastly different experiences, and I’ve only ever had one controller (as mentioned above, my elite 2) that has had any problems - and I play far more often than either of them. Now if we talk about keyboards / mice having issues… I’ve spent far more on buying new mice & keyboards than I have on controllers.

I have had mine for about 1 year and haven’t had any major issues.

My A button was sticking a little bit when I first opened it but I tapped A repeatedly off and on the first day to break it in and it never sticks.

Outside of that the controller’s been great and it’s easily my favourite that I’ve ever owned.

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The Elite Series 2 has a way better build quality than the first one. With my OG Elite the RB button broke and the texture vanished free.

Though I fixed both issues my self by repairing the RB buttons with a replacement and grips from SCUF.

So far I do not have any issue with the Series 2 controller at all.

My LB has died and the trigger lock covers have fallen off.

First V2 I’ve had break (I had 3 elite V1 fail)

It’s a shame.

Never had an issue with any of my elite controllers.

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I’m now wondering if that would have fixed mine lol

I did use it for a couple of hours, though. I thought that would be enough time to see if it would fix itself.

Maybe - but at the same time, you are spending a lot of money for this controller and shouldn’t have to experience a widespread defect like this.

I tapped it repeatedly and really fast for a few minutes at a time throughout the day. It was fairly sticky but what I did fixed the problem. I don’t think regular play would have done the trick.

OK, as an update to this, I’ve decided to switch from a refund to a replacement. I was able to do it as the old one has not been picked up yet. Hoping for better luck this time…

I’m not even sure Amazon will let you replace a product 2 times? So, this might be my last shot anyway.

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As a final update to this saga, I started playing with the controller and frequently the A button does not register when pressed. HAHA that’s two in a row broken out of the box. What trash these things are. And fuck MS for using cheapo parts. I’m getting a refund and using my old, trusty, standard controller. That has worked perfectly for years.