Dolby Vision Gaming Now Available on Xbox Series XIS - Xbox Wire

Update is finally out

Starting today, gamers with compatible Dolby Vision-enabled TVs will be able to enjoy full-spectrum visuals with the rollout of Dolby Vision gaming on Xbox Series X|S. With Dolby Vision, epic worlds – such as lush rainforests or neon futuristic cities – are brought to life in more vivid color. Dolby Vision deepens your immersion into the experience by enabling you to see an enemy hiding in the shadows or spot hidden clues through expanded contrast and better clarity in both bright and dark scenes.

To ensure a growing library of games are available, Dolby and Xbox are working together closely with developers to provide the tools they need so their titles can take full advantage of Dolby Vision. They can do this through built-in features within the Xbox platform or they can choose to implement the technology directly into a game’s engine.

There are more than 100 next-gen HDR titles optimized for Series X|S that will feature Dolby Vision, and in the future you’ll see more games like Halo Infinite taking full advantage of Dolby Vision.


Slowly updating my entertainment system so I cant wait to experience this once i can aquire an x

Good news for those with DV compatible TVs.

A shame I can’t justify a new TV purchase right now. Still running with a 4k 60fps display so am not getting anywhere near the full potential of next gen. Maybe next year. :frowning:

Is there a list of the games that are supported?

Does this cost $$$$¥

Around 10 games will support Dolby Vision at launch today, according to a list on the Xbox website, but Microsoft promises more than 100 will be optimized soon. F1 2021, Psychonauts 2, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Gears 5, Borderlands 3, Immortals Fenyx Rising, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, DIRT 5, Metro Exodus, all include Dolby Vision support.

Microsoft has also been working with Dolby to bring some benefits of Dolby Vision to existing HDR10 and Auto HDR games. Microsoft is bringing “new visual enhancement capabilities that utilize Dolby Vision technology to deliver an improved visual experience for thousands of existing HDR10 and Auto HDR games,” says Slattery.


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Thanks Staffy. I still have The Lost Gods expansion to play in Immortals so I’ll check out DV with that. Hoping that Far Cry 6 will be on the list since that’s my next 2021 release that I will be playing.

will best buy let me sit in their magnolia room and play Psychoanuts 2 in dolby vision on a C1? :smile:

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That would be awesome. And I was told Halo will support it but is this true?

I think it was said that Halo Infinite would natively support Dolby Vision at launch. This will be the first game that I play using it unless Far Cry 6 ends up having it at launch.

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Fucking sick!!!


I have the Atmos licence on my SX and the directionality of gunfire and explosions was very precise through my headset. Wonder if Atmos was enabled in the preview, or that was just very well-done normal spatial. It sounded great either way.

For the LG users out there. You have to set the Xbox to 60hz to use Dolby Vision since 120hz DV is not supported yet (currently in beta)


Doesn’t matter which list it is, Gears 5 is always front of the queue for tech/performance. Such an underrated game.

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Thanks for this!

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Turns out my Samsung TV doesn’t support Dolby :weary:

Samsung doesnt do anything Dolby

So I’ve seen, they do the whole HDR10+ thing which can’t even be used in game mode :weary: