Does Xbox have any more cards up their sleeves?

Who else here thinks Phil has more cards up his sleeves? I personally do but have no clue what they might be. Does anyone else here think so as well?

  • The Initiative game (it’s supposed to be revealed this year but this was before COVID… I still think we will see it this year)
  • gameplay on Series X
  • Backward compatibily / Forza Horizon 4 upgrade ?
  • maybe acquisitions ???
  • Halo Infinite MP Beta maybe ?

Halo Infinite beta launching day and date with the Series S|X, and dropping the requirement of XBOX Live for free to play games (like the aforementioned beta) would be nice final cards to play.

They have heavily implied there will be more info this week.

-backwards compat improvements (auto hdr etc) -what games are coming to gamepass on the release date and of the new consoles -maybe ending Xbox gold, big if


I think the next big thing they could do is drop the paywall for Xbox Live. Having to pay for it is kind of counter to their message of “everyone should be able to play games together” and I think after getting rid of Mixer plus the funds they’re getting from Game Pass would mean Xbox/Microsoft could easily absorb the cost of making Xbox Live free, especially if they’re hosting Xbox Live on Microsoft Azure servers.

Maybe roll it into Game Pass and turn Games with Gold into Games with Ultimate?

We’ve now seen more games on the Series S than the X, so they can show more games running on the X. They also still need to reveal the full launch line-up. Dropping the Xbox live paywall would be killer and it’s never too late to announce a new acquisition.

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if they drop xbox live plus series S and game pass with ea play. They will win the gen(UK and USA). All the casual gamers that play fifa and cod will switch right over to Xbox. Also could see them launching with a gears DLC maybe even make it a stand alone like miles morales

Is there some renewed optimism over them dropping LIVE for online play that I missed? I thought they recently threw cold water on that idea.

Now I think what their next mive will be…

-Announcing Gold paywall drop

-Showcasing gameplay of impressive games running realtime on XSX with the features explained (MS FLIGHT SIM for example)

-Showing the peripherals and accessories for XSX, memory cards etc

-New 3rd party GP surprises probably

Sounds really solid. What am I missing?

Is there a real chance for free multiplayer?

I think the next big cards are after/at launch, probably a reveal of something at an online launch event or TGAs. I think everything from now until launch will be nitty gritty details like other accessories , maybe some gameplay stuff.

It is not an if but when.

Basically, Jeff Grub implied that he still believes they are dropping Gold in some form.


I think this is happening, EA Play has replaced XBLG so people don’t moan they’re losing value.


It seems like we will get more this week. And I can’t imagine they won’t make a digital X0 stream and show off new stuff on the launch of the new consoles.

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Things I wanna see, but don’t expect necessarily:

  • Gold no longer required for F2P
  • Gold included in Game Pass (standard), existing Gold subs converted into GP subs automatically
  • Halo MP reveal and beta for XSX launch (ray traced lighting since it’s not dynamic for MP)
  • The Initiative’s game revealed
  • Forza Motorsport gameplay, release date
  • FlightSim for XSX launch
  • BC+ (upres textures, framerate interpolation, higher rendering res, HDR)
  • Minecraft path traced for XSX launch
  • MCC ray traced for XSX launch
  • Forza Horizon, Gears 5, Ori, Wasteland 3 XSX patches for launch
  • Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered day 1 on Game Pass, available for launch
  • All OG Xbox and 360 games added to Game Pass
  • Ability to play PC games on XSX (game sees XSX as generic hardware)



This is a good point actually, especially when you also consider XCloud as well.

The Initiative Perfect Dark game looks to be a true testament of Next Gen power.

Removing MP paywall would be a megaton.