Do you want to see another Dead Rising game or is it time to put this franchise to bed?

I personally would love to see another Dead Rising game. Maybe a reboot to the series, with better story telling. No doubt I think this franchise still has some legs and with the power of the XSX, it would be interesting to see just how many zombies they could put on the screen.


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Give the game a few years off.

I don’t think the game can work if it comes back like it was. It needs new energy and a team that is actually excited to make it.


Franchise should stay dead in my opinion. Capcom has Resident Evil which is far superior and Dino Crisis would be much better. Out of the 5 Xbox One exclusives I completed, Dead Rising 3 is DEAD last. All the zombies were just standing around doing nothing and the funny thing is that I was able to get away from them by literally spamming the jump button. It was so funny. I did play it in early 2018 so it was very outdated but still, the gameplay was fine, visuals were fine but the story and characters were abysmal. Dead Rising 4 completely bombed. Sometimes, a franchise has an early run and then just dies out. That’s what Dead Rising was and is. It should stay dead in my opinion. If im Microsoft/Spencer, I wouldn’t even waste my time thinking about it let alone anything further.

I’d like to see a Japanese developer work on Dead Rising again. It felt like the series forget it’s identity after a while. I think it will come back eventually.

Put it to sleep

I don’t really care for the franchise. I think it should have stayed in the 360 Gen. I’d rather another Lost Planet or new IP. So to me, nope.

I said it again,dead rising 3 was the best imo. I definitely want one more good dead rising,not like 4 though.

I loved Dead Rising 3. Was a lot of fun.

How much worth Dead rising IP ?

Probably in the minority but I really liked dead rising 3, probably by far my fave.

Dead rising 4 had a nice variety in environments but was let down in a lot of other areas, like what they did with the Co op, that honestly still baffles me.

But I think I’m tired of zombie games myself.

I would be more interested in capcom bringing back lost planet myself, but more like the over the top sillyness of lost planet 2 (it was just pure fun)

I’m sure that Dead Rising will be an IP that they look at in the future for a possible reboot or sequel. Its more a case of finding a developer that wants to collaborate with Capcom Japan on the eventual next game.

So its at least 3-5 years away at best.

At this point, don’t bother. The original was a unique enough romp in the early days of a generation where the amount of zombies and things to do was quite surprising. 2 was already a very diluted experience with all the side-games and whatnot. 3 was not a good game, it was a good sandbox though for murdering zombies in the most absurd ways. 4 was simply a poor game, partly because there clearly seems to be no budget for this franchise given the sales. I don’t think there’s enough budget, fan interest and good will remaining to make a Dead Rising 5 that would live up to the expectations in this day and age. Let it die.

I think I’d rather see new IPs

The series was campy and a lot of fun at times, and I actually enjoyed my time with 3 and 4, but I think it’s time for it to rest. It wasn’t really offering anything new, and wasn’t doing what it did better than other games. Maybe they’ll revisit it further down the road as a smaller more focused game, but it doesn’t need another entry like 2-4.

I say bring it back if they can do something fresh with the franchise. The longer the series went on, the more it deviated from what made the IP special.

Let dead shit be dead I say.

Let it rest. Game peaked on the first one and was getting progressively worse and worse with each iteration. A Dead Rising V would be so dreadful, the world is already suffering enough.

I think that franchise has run its course. I don’t think the IP is even worth anything anymore.

I would like a reimagining of the IP. Turning it into an actual horror game would be cool.

I’ve only played 2 and 3. I loathed 2 and enjoyed 3, I played 3 mostly because it was a launch title and what I enjoye the most was the map design and how the zombies hordes affected your navigation but I don’t see the appeal in zombies.