Do you want to see another Dead Rising game or is it time to put this franchise to bed?

Sounds like such a radical departure that it might as well be another IP

This is me. Im hardly excited about State of Decay…

But yeah I think DR needs a break. Capcom Vancouver should have got a break from that IP too

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Yes, but it needs to like the first, but just expanded using next gen consoles. Imagine crowds of 1000s of zombies, more object to interact with and more crazy weapon combinations

I do miss Dead Rising. I do wish they went back to the more puzzle solving of the first game and less of the mental stuff of 3 and 4.

I would also love to see how crazy big they could make zombie hordes haha.

Everything that made the franchise interesting to me evolved with state of decay and state of decay 2

I would like to see another one but the series needs to change.