Do you think Paddles should become the new standard?

WARNING: Bad grammar ahead, you can correct me in the replies

Until a week ago, I’ve never touched a controller with paddles, in my mind they were nothing but an extra tool only people into the competitive scene will like or use, “What is the point?” said to myself everytime some Elite controller ad came, i’ve been using the claw method for pressing face buttons without releasing the Stick since the Gears of war 3 days.

That changed one week ago, a friend of mine sold me his Elite controller for about 100 Bucks, I’m kind of a controller collector, for example, used to own all 5 generation Dualshocks without actually owning a Sony console, weird

Back to the point, before turning arriving home, brain decided to be skeptical, yeah, just after spending money on the most expensive Xbox controller model, to be fair ,i was actually excited to use the switchable sticks, wondering how they felt, but the first thing my hand felt were the paddles, not surprisingly, those were in the exact position where my fingers use to sit, felt clicky and comfortable to press… So why wouldn’t i use those paddles? I got even less interested on them after testing the limitations, you can’t use them like macros, fair, it would be too OP… Neither combos like A + B in a single press, same as previous, it will give you advantages over people who either

  1. Do not own an Elite controller
  2. People who don’t use/map the paddles in that specific way

You can only map the paddles to do the same actions as buttons that ALREADY EXIST ON THE CONTROLLER, why would someone need another A, or another LT? Next day, i understood it. The limited functionality of the paddles were not due the nature of them, it was there to preventing Elite controllers to become somehow Pay2Win compared to standard controller

That’s when the question (that came along with the question, just after a few seconds) came in… Make the paddles Standard. This might be a crazy idea, “The controller would be more expensive”, “Casual gamers will hate it”, “More inputs would be overdesign”. But i think pushing for more buttons (Pun intended), even if they are disabled on default settings (To keep it simple, or just to give the player freedom to map them in any way they like without sharing the same input as other buttons) Is the way to go, developers would have less constraints on designing the HUD/Input method, i know some games that share inputs in different contexts on Console, like Dead By Daylight, which share the drop pallet action and healing action on the same button, which results on people mistakenly dropping pallets when trying to heal a teammate under one

Paddles being a standard would alleviate this problem easly, just letting any player to map the action on the paddle

On the same point, but more specific case scenario, games that otherwise would be HARD as hell to map on a controller, might potentially see this as a good solution, more buttons mean more inputs, more buttons mean more combos, more combos mean even more inputs

Do you agree with me that Paddles should be the new standard for next gen onwards?


So that I can:

  • Jump (A), move camera (R stick) and potentially shoot (RT) at the same time (Most FPS).
  • Repair a wall (hold X) while moving camera (R stick) to look for zombies behind me (Call of Duty Black Ops - Zombies).

Due to the design of controllers, most actions are mapped to buttons / stick on its right-side, but it is “impossible” to concurrently perform them as the amount of fingers is limited to… 1 (except if you hold the controller in a weird manner).

Gamepad limitation is the number of buttons usable per finger and the value proposition of the paddles is to allow you to perform better by being able to use more fingers. Using paddles for added functionality will not solve the problem.

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One of my favorite things about the Steam controller were the paddles and gyro

It was tight and way more useful than I’d initially imagined

No thank you. I’m old school. I just want a basic even generic controller that just fucking works. I hate gimmicky shit (see Nintendo and Sony) as the primary base controller. As a separate individual option, then it’s perfectly fine but in no way, shape or form do I want to see the controllers I love be replaced by what I see as nothing more than gimmicks.

It’s just some extra buttons on the back lol


Hahaha. I know that. Still don’t want that. Just no. Please just keep my controllers the way they are. Like the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. lol

as someone who has a mouse with 2 extra buttons and all the freedom the PC provides. I have them just disabled.

I can’t think of a way to effectively use them and don’t want to build a habit of needing those two buttons for any workflow, since I am not always on my PC.

BUT, implementing it as a standard could give the idea the boost it needs, and offloading the assignment job to devs could actually prove them to be useful (Htiman comes to mind since I am playing it now, I can already feel the difference switching between keyboard and Controller).

However, I feel like ergonomics need to be carefully tested and considered during the design of it. because I don’t feel like squeezing the grips to hit a button is the most comfortable way of doing it. although I haven’t tried the elite before.

It would be nice to have them be able to be combo buttons. Game that require lb+rb to be ours for something would be so much nicer to be able to map it to a paddle. And if they don’t want to make it standard to have buttons on the back they should still allow combo buttons.

Usually only 3 of mine are used with the fourth being whatever. Usually don’t use but it would be nice to be able to change it to something useful. Granted I need to remap it to up on the d pad for halo to make marking easier.

But it does feel weird going back to controllers without paddles.

Paddles are no gimick :smiley:

As two generation Elite Controller user, I swear by the paddles now and never want to be without them. So it’s a massive yes for me

And hey you can always just take them off if you don’t like them


I wish they would release the Xbox Series Elite V3 already. I’d keep the harder texture instead of the softer grips and have the batteries be user replaceable. The paddles really help in quick paced games like Halo where you want to be able to still aim while doing other tasks.

Please no on the replaceable batteries, or at least have optional AA cases, or the internal packs

Because what the Elite 2 has right now is perfection. Things last like 40 hours. And I just put them down on top of the dock whenever I’m not using it. So I’ve never come close to having my controller die.

I don’t mean to use normal batteries, but they need to be user serviceable. This way after years of use you can opt to restore them to brand new. I do enjoy the play-n-charge battery packs as those are over 30 hours of use for me.

I guess it depends. I wouldn’t want to play a shooter without them anymore. I feel handycapped in a way. On the other hand, it’s more shit that can break on already prone to breaking peripherals. I just wish, there were more viable “pro” controllers out there that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Yes! Standard Xbox controllers should have had paddles as the next gen edition to push the medium forward. They don’t have to be functional for every game, but that option could open up a lot of variables and ideas for developers. After using the Elite controllers it’s always missed.

They can’t, because *Scuf owns the patents for them. Xbox has to license it just to put them on the Elite controllers (which ups the cost quite a bit).

They don’t need to become the default but MS needs to sell a back paddle accessory like the Dual Shock ones.

If they make a portable then it needs to be there.

Razer owns paddles? Do you think there is a workarround?

They have the patent on buttons on the back of a controller, and the patent is strong enough that Xbox paid them to be able to do the elite controller.

Who owns the patent on the Stream Controller style squeeze back buttons? Always thought that would have been a nice compromise for the standard controller with the Elite maintaining the paddles.