Do you care about your gamerscore?

My gamerscore hasn’t mattered much to me. The meta nature of chasing achievements has always felt bizarre and moot. My Xbox account is still fairly new, and thus my score is low.

Yknow what though? I wouldnt mind going out of my way to try and raise it. Gonna make it a goal of mine. Game more and get that score up. Could be a cool goal to aspire towards even if it is little else beyond bragging rights

How about you?

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Mixed bag for me. Depending on how achievements are implemented I will go for completions but the achievements need to be designed in a way that makes me want to get more out of the game. Stuff like “beat the game on the hardest difficulty without dying” I just check out immediately. Ill finish the game and never look back.

At the same time, I don’t really care about my gamerscore at all.

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Nope. Have never cared about achievements or trophies for that matter. The real achievement for me is completing the game.

I have never completed any Xbox game with a 100% gamer score and only have one platinum trophy for PlayStation which was for Hellblade and that was easy to get as all you had to do was find all the lore stones and complete the story.

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It ultimately doesn’t matter too much for me, but I do find it very satisfying to watch it raise. I’ll go out of my way to get achievements if I have the time and if it’s not too hard. Don’t care too much about getting completions, but I have done so for a few games such as Scarlet Nexus, AI: The Somnium Files, Minecraft Dungeons, etc.

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I cared until I hit 100K. I stopped bothering after that. Also reality hit me when talking abut gaming with some friends (who are mostly PS) who didn’t know much about it and it was therefore worthless to the conversation. Also the easy obtaining of it nowadays just makes it lame. That being said, some days I do feel a sense of accomplishment. Especially last week when I used the free 10 bucks from xbox to buy some easy puzzlers and for around 7K gamerscore

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Kind of a mixed feeling. It’s not like I care for achievement hunting or anything, but I’m so “close” to reach 200k that I’m kind happy. But on a daily basis I just play and unlock most on random moments.

Not at all.

I don’t really care for the gamerscore but i like when achievements pling.


I cared about Gamerscore when I was aiming for 100,000 but I after I reached that goal, it started to seem a bit meaningless. I think I’d care more if Xbox had an equivalent to Platinum trophies or just a way to see how many games you 1000 g’d. I think also when there’s achievements like ‘collect every item in the game’ and it’s only worth 20G, it discourages you to try to get 1000G for that game.

Achievements, to me at least, should be a way to keep you playing a game for longer and invest more time into a game, but also a way to find new parts of the game and mechanics you never explored whilst playing the main story and you find enjoyment in that. I don’t think that’s true most of the time now though.

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When I first played my brothers 360 when I was a bout 15 I thought the idea of acheievements/gamerscore was amazing

I was obsessed and going forward I had to get all achievements in all games and spent so many hours boosting stupidly hard to get/time consuming achievements

Then id start playing games like Gears:Judgement where it was made impossible to get all achievements and that really killed the drive to bother anymore, overtime I also started finding the gamerscore system kind of pointless, Playstation Platinum system seems like a better set up, it also made me go from playing games for the fun to playing for the achievements, back in the day id have done all sorts of challenges in FFX or Resident Evil 4 but when the achievements system started I wouldn’t bother unless I got a ping noise as a reward

But honestly, I dont care for either system anymore, I just play what I want and if an achievement seems like it fun to go for i’ll do it, wish MS would incorporate achievements/score into MS rewards more though e.g. for every 1000/1000 you’d get 25/50/something reward points that you could spend in the store, i’d be al over that :phil_lmao:

No, the overall score doesn’t - It stayed at a stable 7k for years while I was away from the Xbox platform, and the number means little.

However, I adore getting achievements. :smile:


Achievements are my favorite thing about Xbox and possibly the main reason I play. :laughing:

More than my actual score itself though, I like completing games, maintaining a daily streak, playing community events on TA, those kind of things.


I care more about my score ending in 0 or 5. They really need to implement some kind of equivalent to platinum like PSN because there aren’t any extra incentive to fully complete achievements on xbox

I do not care and will not chase them. I do like it when one pops up. I just play games to enjoy them. and most game i will not finish before starting another but normally will come back and finish. I do have one Platinum on ps for No Mans Sky but if you play long enough it was very easy to get

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I definitely look at the achievements and see if there are any that seem fun or easy to get, but I’m not going to waste my time doing things I don’t want to just to get my gamerscore up.

My buddy tries to get the 1000 in almost every game, even if he has to grind dozens of extra hours for that one last achievement. He also buys obscure games that are ridiculously easy to get all the achievements for. I don’t get it, but to each his own I guess, lol.

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Nope And I’ve been with Xbox since OG 2001.

On the 360 I cared more, but nowadays I really only care about the Gamerscore value when I’m closing in on a milestone.

Otherwise, I prefer going for completions rather than the actual value of the Gamerscore.

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I enjoy unlocking achievements, and I find it’s a good way to explore more in games. Try things a bit differently than I would normally play etc. But I don’t chase them in every game, I hate replaying things over and over for example and some achievements are just dumb.

Currently going for 200k GS, after that I don’t know… I wish we had things like Platinum and some more fun things connected to achievements.



I pretty much enjoy unlocking achievements and looking to my GS to increase, although i dont consider myself an extreme cheevo hunter. I personally believe they bring a lot of repeatabilty to games, wasn’t for them I would just finish the game on easy and call a day. They give me an incentive to come back and try harder difficulties. When I unlock all achievements, it is like a feeling of mission accomplished and I rarely come back to the game and im finally in peace of mind to delete it from hd.

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