Do you believe that Sony allows the Game Pass on the Playstation?

Wait…what? What exactly is Thursday?

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Is Microsoft actually doing or announcing something Thursday or is that just Grubb himself that will be talking about it?

It’s from Grubby but what reason not to trust also:

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It seems like that has nothing to do with the Bethesda announcement If it’s not today, im not expecting any statement until next Monday, the 15th.

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And here is how to hack around that, but it is not available to normal users:

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So its even worse? They have a built-in browser but don’t let the paying customer use it. Nice.

The day Sony allows Gamepass on Playstation is the day they cede the war.

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Sure, if they ever want to leave the hardware business

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Hell no.

Even just calling it a risk is being way too generous tbh. I have no idea why ppl talk about this as if it was ever something Sony would consider a million yrs. It would quite literally bankrupt the PlayStation division…


Sony has shown time and time again that even if an initiative would be good for their users, if they don’t have full control or monetization of said initiative, they won’t allow it. Game Pass won’t be coming to PlayStation anytime soon, if ever. /thread

No, the problem this would run into is that it would require xbox live login. I can’t see sony allowing xbox live in any form to exist on its platform.

Save data between platforms would be an issue as then I would be using Microsoft cloud saving on PlayStation. I just can’t see Sony ever allowing this to happen. It just cannibalizes what they are trying to do too much.

If they ever do, it probably wouldn’t be official. My thinking on the news that the new Edge browser in Xbox allowing GeForce and Stadia is that MS wants to establish a “consumer friendly” trend of consoles (like PS5) allowing similar streaming on their browser. That could be a back door to xCloud on PS5 (and other consoles). Sony will likely balk and MS may hope for consumer pressure similar to what’s been happening with crossplay. It’ll be a consumer friendly move in the short run by MS but, I imagine in their mind, a potentially market-grabbing one in the long run.

It wouldn’t end Xbox hardware at all because it’s all games developed for the Xbox running on Xbox server blades.

Yes only if it’s Xbox Originals though no 3rd party. My reasoning is, they wouldn’t have to worry about Xbox potentially taking away customers of their console. If they allow Game Pass but only 1st party games they can rest easy because their fanbase probably won’t look at buying a Xbox anymore if they can just play the Xbox games on their PS6.

Now would MS like people stop buying their HW because people won’t “need” it, I doubt but that 3rd part revenue is pretty juciy and they could miss out on it. If MS keeps buying big IP and making it exclusive to Xbox platforms and Game Pass there is going to be a point where Xbox will have the most loved IPs and people might migrate over.

Daniel nails it for the most part. If Game Pass was on PlayStation, Xbox is dead. Period. Because it would be exclusives only and when you think about it, why would anyone even consider an Xbox?

You would have access to Sony’s first party exclusives which are arguably the best in the industry alongside Nintendo while also getting every third party multi-platform game, every Japanese game that in most cases never release on Xbox to begin with, a crap ton of timed exclusive games and all the Indie games.

Then you add in Microsoft’s first party games day one. What would the incentive be to buy an Xbox? Honestly? Truly? Is there even a single valid reason? Because I don’t see any in this scenario for Xbox.

Game Pass subscriptions would also decrease because majority would just sign up for it on PlayStation for the month a new exclusive is released, complete it and then cancel which is what I personally do now so imagine hardcore PlayStation fans and just gamers in general.

I almost want to see Sony allow Game Pass in this form because I am so very curious to see how it would all play out.

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Never - not officially. Could there be a browser work around?

Sony was really opposed to the idea of cross play when it first became a thing.

They still put a ton of money towards timed exclusivity with third parties.

We can’t play as Spider-man in Avengers.

It’s a gated community; not happening.

Phil has made the call :fire: - now the ball is in Sony’s court :white_flag:

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