DMCV specifies upgrades for Next Gen, no Ray Tracing on Series S

this along with the ps5 re8 rumors makes it seems like capcom is having trouble with next gen. might be their engine.


Man if PS5 is having trouble I doubt Series S will fair any better? But yeah fair point

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but why is that?

i assume it’s something they’ll work through. technically, capcom is very good usually with performance.

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I knew this would happen and have expressed as much before. This also won’t be the last game lacking RT on the Series S.

Bingo. As long as MS doesn’t limit how downgraded the Series S version is, and I don’t suspect they will, it won’t ever matter.

Different engines and RT implementations don’t have anything to do with each other. The RT used in DMC5 could be more expensive or the 60fps target could be imposing more limitations on their options.

There are a million different factors that could be playing a part here. Wouldn’t think anything of it.

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RT on Series S is a bit silly if you ask me because if it’s going to look really bad and tank performance what’s the point, it’s still a next gen console without RT in all games. I would rather 1080-144060 with no RT than 720-108030/60 with RT for example. Some games will have RT some won’t no big deal really.

I do find it amusing that people saying Series S would hold back the Series X / PS5 when this is clearly showing that’s not the case, they will just cut features on Series S.

Does this not mean that additional work is needed for baked alternatives to RT effects?

Clearly, I’m not a graphics engineer. :grin:

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Don’t know why it wouldn’t be possible to at least implement a 900p/30fps mode with RT if they have to, at least give people the option and let them decide if it’s good enough for them or not.

I have seen some people say that Xbox Series S will hold back gaming yet Xbox Series X HAS Ray Tracing while Xbox Series S does NOT have Ray Tracing so how exactly is Xbox Series S holding back gaming when the superior console (as it should) has Ray Tracing? SMH.


No because current tech doesn’t just suddenly disappear because newer versions come out. It should be actually easier for them because they don’t need to optimized for RT which is a massive powerhog.

The holding back argument is nonsense. I have a series X and S Pre ordered. But people do need a reality check. The Series S is a 4 Tflop machine with lower memory and lower bandwidth. It’s going to be more complex to develop for and imagine that spec in the PC space…what can and can’t it do. 3rd parties are going to find it more challenging and there will be more differences than resolution.

Also let’s not compare one game to another. Ask yourself if I had a PC at that spec would I expect RT at whatever FPS is targeted…mostly answer will be a resounding NO!

Obviously I don’t know more than the MS engineers, but my totally uninformed opinion is that they really should have gone for just 5 TF in the Series S. 4k to 1440p is proportional to 12 TF to 5.3 TF, and would have been definitively stronger than One X.

Settling for 4 TF just feels too low.

To be clear, I like the idea and expect it to do well. I understand that the primary goal was to hit $299, and they achieved that with the best compromises they could.

No word on when the game will be patched with this? It’s not at launch for XSX, is it?

Oh, I hadn’t even noticed that. I only saw the wording for raytracing for WD Legion. How they just say raytracing for PS5 and for XSX hardware accelerated raytracing and goes into much more detail there. Could be because Xbox got marketing, we’ll find out in DF videos I’m sure.

The teraflops are one thing but the bigger issue is the memory. Even that aside not all games scale to resolution linearly. And not all games will be native 4K on the X. DMC is 1080p/60 FPS on Series X so you can start to see that getting it to run with ray tracing on a machine a third of the power you might be talking sub 720P.

Raytracing us nice, but I really hope they’ve added hard contact shadows and sub surface scattering to the in game models, so they look closer to the cutscenes.

Trolls completely ignoring that cross gen games aren’t built for RDNA2 so a lack of RT on XSS is more likely with cross gen games. Once we get the true next gen games things will change.

I would expect more of this. Makes sense, because the little box is going to really struggle in the coming years - just like the 1S does.

Its not really anything like an equivalent situation to the Xbox One S.

It really shouldn’t struggle no where close to S.

Even in this case, it’s clear Capcom is having unusual issues having to delay the RT support even on SX, and themselves saying they have more to explore in the future.

Yeah, it’s unfortunate because Ubi will have RT at launch for XSX.