DMCV specifies upgrades for Next Gen, no Ray Tracing on Series S

I’m simply saying that if you gambled on the cheap 4TF console, don’t expect even support across the S|X from many third parties. I would expect that a lot of third parties will be shipping less features on the S version instead of trying to optimize for the inferior device - their efforts will be focused on PS5, and secondly the Series X. This seems to be the early return, and when UE5 comes out I’d expect it to continue.

MS will of course support both evenly

What early return are you on about? So far we’ve not seen a single comparison and Capcom seem to have had dev kits for Xbox late and probably aren’t a good test case to use here.


Expected, considering the PS5 version is 1080p 60fps.

Ive seen some talk that ppl think the XSS will run severely compromised next gen games in 3yrs.

The funny thing is the XSS will be more performant at 900-1440p then the PS5 will be at 1440p-2160p

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