DMCV specifies upgrades for Next Gen, no Ray Tracing on Series S

Trolls gonna have a field day.


Combine Capcom and a enhanced version, and I’m not suprised by that. Not when Series S will have ray-tracing on Watch Dogs.


You know it.

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People gonna say Series S holding back gaming despite having everything that the X will have except RT and this seems like a capcom decision.

God damn twitter is going rampant with this. So many comments like “TOLD YOU SERIES S WILL HOLD THINGS BACK!” More ammo for those crazies I guess

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That wouldn’t make sense when clearly these graphical options are configurable. If it was holding something back, none of the consoles would have ray tracing…


I know man. Some people on Twitter/Reddit can not seem to understand that sadly.

I think considering the options it has for a £250 it is pretty damn impressive! Keep in mind a Xbox One S is still £200+


People are already spreading that like wild fire my dude. Madness.

Bah, Twitter gonna be Twitter. Good things they don’t represent the majority ^^

By the way, do we know when the Ray-Tracing uptade will be available on Series X ?

The thing is I believe they think they are the majority. But hey that is what the block buttons for :wink:

Yeah, the block button is the best. At the same time, it doesn’t surprise me coming from Capcom. They always had a hard time for some reasons with Xbox hardware.

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How if Watchdogs has RT on the Series S?

That’s the billion dollar question. Watch Dogs is even a new game coming out, while DMC 5 is just an enhanced version.

Think this is just a Capcom decision.

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I’m almost 100% sure of that. I don’t even expect impressive ray-tracing in the first place.

I wonder if any devs will be put off putting games on Series X|S with having to make a Series S version?

Time will tell I suppose!

The new Dev tools should make all that trivial.


Oh really? Fair enough!

I wasnt being doom and gloom or anything I was just curious :slight_smile: