DMC5- Special Edition: XSX vs PS5

The battle begin!

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Performance is a mess all over the place.

Both are better then the other in some cases and vice Versa.


Yea that insane frame rate drops

I am gonna blame capcom! I believe they just rushed to meet the launch and optimised both the consoles poorly.

What’s with the PS5? Why no 60fps cap? Patch must be in-works already.


What DF said about how PS5 is basically familiar territory for developers and XSX is new, that’s absolutely something to take into account here.

I definitely expected XSX to go above PS5 in all modes, but not exactly. I think once devs get used to XSX, maybe once the full RDNA 2 is used as well…it will slide into XSX’s favor.

Really though, it’s nothing too crazy at all. It’s too bad the game isn’t on Game Pass anymore, so I can’t try it out.

Pour one out for the devs who had to rush to port this game and are now getting publicly humiliated.

Wasn’t that vanilla DMC5? Is that the same SKU? I have no clue, so I’m genuinely asking.

Sounds about right dealer and rdx have said similar things over the past few months

I think Capcom rushed the port to jump on next project. Seems software RT and not using RDNA2 features or XSX advantages.

Wait till we see the next wave of games using full features

DF Written article @

Really shows how the title should have been given more time before release. So many peculiar decisions made, especially regarding the 120 Hz mode. They stressed the odd 120 Hz mode in the previous video and do so again in the article writeup near the end.


The only thing I see in this video, is a bad port, rushed for the console release.


Yes, that’s true. This isn’t a free upgrade then? Well damn. Damn for true people that bought it, that is.

I see. Yeah in the future it’s either just going to be basically parity between the two or X taking the lead. I fully expect the latter eventually.

And the loading time, the first cross gen game with next gen upgrades and PS5 loads it ever so slightly faster. If we go back months to when it was touted that PS5 SSD was something else I was “preparing” for very big differences, talking about ten seconds or much more. BC titles have already shown that’s not the case, in fact the opposite, and this here with DMC5 is basically nothing.

MS went with a superb SSD solution.

Especially when DMC 5 Special Edition is not using Velocity architecture I think.

Good point!!!

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Does anyone get the vibe that when Digital Foundry spoke to devs who said they were struggling with the Xbox that it was these guys?

I mean they’ve done this video super quick. The fact Xbox mildly outperforms the PS5 in three modes yet is terrible in the HFR mode suggests something is wrong…I don’t buy the API either - that would explain the Xbox being behind in all modes not one with high framerates…

I’m fairly certain it was other developers too.

They also said elsewhere not to make anything out of a single data point.

Personally, I’d wait to see what the state of this title is in a month or two from now, if / once the devs have more time to resolve the various issues. They came in extremely hot in order to hit the launch dates.

As a reference point of where this title started from, here’s from the DF article on DMC5 for last-gen:

It seems that the normal mode is able to maintain the FPS as high as the framerate mode? It is 4K with a floating 100 FPS?

This is a rather cagey game to be their first test. It’s known to be a shotty port on Xbox already and is a cross gen upgrade. Valhalla or Watch Dogs or Dirt would be better. Or CoD.



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They shouldn’t call it 120 fps mode.

It’s just unlocked frame rates.

Man, Dirt 5 and Gears 5 have superb 120fps implementation.


We know Xbox has some issues early with their API and optimisation so I’d expect to see similar across other games tbh. But this game is weird and the underperformance of the Xbox in one mode doesn’t make sense to me.