DMC5- Special Edition: XSX vs PS5

It is a bad port across both platforms. Capcom needs to patch the game. I would not let this worry you to much.

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No that’s what I mean. It’s clearly been rushed and is not right.

DM5 didn’t run too well on the One X either. Maybe Capcom just does like Xbox :rofl: jk

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I guess this is where the comparison war begins :smiley: I prefer to play games in the meanwile

Definitely a rushed port it was expected to release in December for XSX patch but it seems they just released whatever for release. Still a advantage for XSX on all modes except one. XSX having VRR and lock to 60fps in system settings make it a no brainer to get it over ps5 easily

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Yeah, really poor showing here on both consoles. Capcom have rushed this out the door, clearly and its such a shame for a great game.

I’ll be passing on this now unless it gets patched. Was looking forward to it too.

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Once I learned that Microsoft were moving to a more general development kit I knew it was going to cause some problems but thankfully the SeriesX still takes the lead in all but 1 mode, if the xsx ended up performing worse sony loyalists would of had an absolute field day. But some folks can eat some crow regarding the PS5s SSD, PS5s loading advantage really is a non factor in this game.


And in all games so far the load doesn’t seem much different. The Xbox has in fact beaten it slightly in one or two examples.

I really think there will be no noticeable performance delta between the new machines for a year or so. Some games Xbox will be ahead, others PS5 will. But as gen goes on be interesting to see what Xbox do with machine learning and VRS to squeeze performance etc…

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Its also worth noting that in this cross gen period the two different strategies will create some tech legacy circumstances.

Sony are treating the PS5 sdk as a separate entity to the PS4, where Microsofts are using a more general “gdk” dev kit, so what we may see is similarities in xbox one + xbox series versions for cross gen games, for example take AC: Valhalla ubi may choose to take the 1X version and just increase the res+fps where for the PS5 version maybe more tailor made for the system,. so maybe more advanced effects but a lower overall resolution compared to the series X.

I don’t think this will apply to all games, as there are already games showing incredible performance on SX, but this team definitely struggled with SX devkits (and they even acknowledged that before when they announced the RT patch would come in late for SX).

The upside is that it will only get better. Even with a SDK that doesn’t reach the final performance developers are getting some really good results.


I agree this is really encouraging they are getting results this good with far from being optimized dev-kits.

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Interesting analysis.

The 60 FPS mode that 99 percent of people will play seems to sway towards Xbox so I’m not sure what’s going on there. I’ve noticed another place is constantly showing images of a huge gap in the 120fps mode but if you watch the beginning of the video, there’s a spot just before it cuts that’s the ps5 is hitting 30 odd FPS and the Xbox is still above 60. I believe it’s the high quality 60 FPS mode. Seems no one is sharing those screenshots, as expected though. :confused:

It’s the port at fault here. Complete mess.

Any conclusion from this is useless to compare the two consoles.