Dishonored Co-Creator Is Working on a New Arkane Game With Dishonored and Prey Developers

Dishonored co-creator Harvey Smith is working on an unannounced new game at Arkane Austin, alongside devs from the Dishonored and Prey teams.Speaking to Vandal (and translated by IGN), Smith explained that he had moved back to Austin after completing Dishonored 2 at Arkane’s Lyon studio, and confirmed that he’s not a part of the company’s next game, but a separate unannounced project: “I’m not on Deathloop , I’m on something else, working with the guys who made Dishonored and Prey.”

Vandal asked Smith if the upcoming acqusition had changed anything at Arkane as yet, who replied that there’s been no difference so far. He added that, of all possible partners for Bethesda, he’d find it difficult to think of a better one than Microsoft, concluding, “They fit perfectly.”


They been working together for nearly 20 years after all Xbox had the first bethseda console title so it makes perfect sense

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So Harvey Smith is working with the Austin team on this project since the development of Dishonored 2 ended, probably with a smaller team on pre-production at least until Prey shipped which would be something like the summer of 2017…I imagine a late summer/early fall 2021 release for their next game would not be out of the question considering we are talking about 4 years of development.

Halo Infinite, Starfield, Arkane Austin’s new project, Stalker 2, Wolfenstein 3 and Forza Horizon 5 could be one hell of a line-up for Xbox 2021 (aside from any potential surprise release from the Xbox Global Publishing team).

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This could be the year where Xbox shuts people up finally


And this is only the beginning. :wink:

Feels so good to see the Xbox becoming the go to ecosystem for FPS, immersive sims and RPG’s. Especially the immersive sim genre deserves a lot more recognition and love from the gaming community and Game Pass may be the trojan horse that will finally make this happen.

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Yea finally

Puzzles, horror and other games are doing really well on Xbox too.

I think ultimately it will just be THE system to go to regardless of what you like. The longer the competition takes to realize and counter it the more inevitable it gets.

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I totally agree on both points!

The future looks bright from all the directions since the diversity is already here and will become even better with time IMO. Especially now that things look much better from the Japan side of things when compared to the previous generation.

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This is the according to RE rumored vampire game?

Deathloop looks cool, but it looks low budget compared to what came before. I think this is the next big game from Arkane

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Please be Dishonored 3 or the Prey 2 game that was cancelled years ago.

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Arkane would never make a game you want Prey to be. This would be made by someone else.

Arkane will continue with immersive sims and why would they leave their own created game and the cliffhanger for something completely different.

I say the next game will be a new IP.

Dishonored 2 sold poorly and Prey had some legs thanks to good talk but ultimately wasn’t a seller. I don’t think Prey is dead. It was intended to have a sequel but maybe the success wasn’t where it should be.

Immersive Sims what Arkane is focusing on are sadly a niche genre. Maybe Gamepass can help here…

Arkane or not, im really hoping they resurrect that cancelled Prey 2 bounty hunter game. Watching the gameplay for it, oh man, I want to play it!!!

To be perfectly honest, vast majority of ZeniMax’s games sold poorly outside of Bethesda Game Studios.

I’m hoping for Dishonored 3 over Prey (2017) 2 because I literally have no interest in it so it would be an automatic game that I would pass on. Dishonored 3 though, day one!!!

Have you played the Dishonored 2 add on?

You mean Death of the Outsider? I watched the beginning of it before buying all three Dishonored games but I haven’t played it yet. Not sure if I will because with me now having Xbox Series X, I really don’t want to play last gen games. Hehe.

It is a continuation of the story😅

New IP is always good. I hope prey 2017 gets a sequel at one point tho.

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I know but it’s a standalone separate SKU so I consider it a separate game. Dishonored 2 is a continuation of Dishonored but yet, it’s a separate game.

Of cause but before you argue for a Dishonored 3 play it. I haven’t yet actually. Maybe it is a closure for the franchise.