Dishonored Co-Creator Is Working on a New Arkane Game With Dishonored and Prey Developers

Honestly I haven’t played Dishonored 2 yet. I struggle with the gameplay in Dishonored 1 and probably will try it again at some point…

Wait a minute…I thought you finished all the Dishonored games? You know, being a huge “immersive sim” guy??? I’m suspicious now. lmao.

I completed Dishonored and both DLC’s for the game and went through two or three chapters in Dishonored 2. How is it that I made it through the first game and a few chapters of the second game but you’re having issues?

You should try playing Dishonored as an action/adventure game and maybe, you’ll complete the game. Hehehe. lmao.

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Nahh :sweat_smile: I struggle with the sword combat tbh… I would love to give it another try. I really do!

Υοu can always do a pacifist, no alarms, no upgrades playthrough if you like stealth and a good challenge. :wink:

Hmm my next game is either Psychonauts or Dishonored I guess :eyes::no_mouth:

Βοth are amazing games! have fun! :wink:

You can also always play some Portal 2 at 4K via BC too! :innocent: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well actually I bought Dishonored 2 almost day one but waited a month and bought the game then. The definitive edition was also included. Sadly I struggled with the gameplay and sold it again. Now I try it again thanks to you guys lol.

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Judging from all the indicators we got, Dishonored 2 sold much better than Prey, except on PC where Prey only sold a little worse. Prey being disproportionately strong on PC made perfect sense since Prey was channeling the spirit of System Shock 2 and was exactly the kind of game a nostalgic 90’s PC gamer would like.

I don’t expect to see either franchise again soon. As you say, new IP seems likely.

I would also love to see that concept rebooted. IMO, that’s what I’d like Roundhouse Studios to be working on. Try to get the band back together and revive that pitch - but it doesn’t need to be called Prey 2 or even have the same characters / universe anymore. If they can get it out fast enough to still take advantage of people hooked on The Mandalorian, all the better for their sales prospects.

As a side note yes, Bethesda’s last wave of games were mostly disappointing in sales terms. The one upshot was that they were also mostly cheap by AAA standards. MachineGames was ~100-120 staff for Wolfenstein 2, and Arkane was ~130-160ish for Dishonored 2. Austin wasn’t very big for Prey. Their 2012-2014 releases sold similarly or better on lower budgets, so it would have been seen as a disappointing regression despite (probably) still making profits.

I just hope we get satisfying conclusions to Wolfenstein. They already wrapped up The Evil Within and (mostly) wrapped up Dishonored. Prey will probably be left on a cliffhanger, I’d love a sequel to 2017 personally.

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Agree completely :slight_smile: So Dishonored was finished with Death of the Outsider?


D1 and D2 both had stories that concluded without any major cliffhangers and the series could have ended there. DotO changes the world’s magical status quo but again, there isn’t really an unfinished story.

I enjoyed the first Dishonor, I have two on my Series X through Gamepass. I remember getting it from GameFly and putting about 6 hours into it.

I’m excited to see what this studio does!!!

Arkane being under the MS umbrella and on Game Pass seemingly not having to worry as much about their titles being niche, although I expect Game Pass to increase the number of people playing their games exponentially, is so great.

A new IP would probably be best as the other franchises weirdly have a stigma attached to them because of sales numbers for a niche genre negatively affecting people’s perception of the quality of those games IMO.

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No one is worse than me when it comes to melee/sword combat in first person so if I can get through the first Dishonored game over seven years after it released and get through the first few chapters of Dishonored 2, you shouldn’t have any trouble.

Yeah, you should definitely give it another chance. Play it on easy if you’re that bad at melee/sword combat. You’ll still get to enjoy the game overall and I can say that just from those few chapters I played that Dishonored 2 is the best game of the three.

The Ion Storm Deus Ex is one of my all time favorite game. There was so much crazy stuff you can do it that game. Really glad Smith is a part of Microsoft. There seems to be a big stable of great designers at MS now.


It would be absolutely brilliant if one of the side effects of MS buying Zenimax/Bethesda was another chance for Dishonoured to shine. It’s such a wonderful franchise.

But honestly I’m excited to see whatever Harvey Smith is working on next. Hopefully it’s an immersive sim.

I’m thinking its Arkane make the successor to Vampire the masquerade. The game was very influential when it released

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