Disco Elysium: The Final Cut |OT| Politics Politics Politics

No one had posted in this thread in 12 days.


I’ll leave it at I appreciate previews, reviews and descriptive impressions of all games. And I do prefer to keep politics out of my games and gaming message boards. Especially highly charged political games.

I’ll give it a try. I saw a trailer and it looked really bad but realised I was watching gameplay footage from the sWitch version. Game looks great on Xbox.

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You certainly don’t appreciate bringing any non political conversation and input to the forum what with your entire 6 posts since joining 5 of which are complaining about “politics”. Why not practice what you preach and engage in some conversation and interaction without “Political subtext” (if that is even possible) rather than make your entire input demanding the impossible and acting the troll?

On topic though, I had forgotten about the game and have just purchased and am going to play the bum off the game, and talk about its politics sooooo much.

So thanks for the bump I guess.


Most games and form of art are all political in nature I will never understand the “keep it out” argument in sports, games, music, etc.


Times flies and it’s not even funny. This game is out now too, sheesh!

So freaking many games to play, it’s kinda crazy but at the same time with this amazing hobby you are never ,ever bored!


You would if you were trying to sell something in a deeply politically divided United States

At least as far as the dev’s / publishers go. Even if they are there, I can see why they would not want to promote it and get overly political idiots riled up, if they identify what they’re seeing as being against their ‘home team’

Short story, it can hurt sales

Yeah thanks for the input and the welcome and the conversation and the skewed personal attack

Excited to finally give this a go. Probably going to wait for a sale though, or a Rewards punch card. Been burned too many times :stuck_out_tongue:

Again with the excellent contribution to the community. You’re just delightful.

Careful now, we wouldn’t want anything getting political.

(edit) oh and mustn’t forget the swift edit claiming personal attack. Your first post on this forum was to demand that I refrain from talking politics about a Tom Clancy game. With no introduction or “hello”. So by all means take the moral high ground about how best to conduct ones self with some welcoming friendliness.


Or personal

I’ll just add, I’ll always request to keep politics out. Not ashamed

Then I’d advise not posting in a dead thread with a “please don’t ask me about my politics (but really do)” driveby.


But the game itself is highly politically charged. The genesis starts there. That’s the root, the beginning. It’s very nature is politically controversial.

And you’re not playing it, so what are you carrying on about?


Good point. I do think the game needs to be discussed more in a politics topic then game topic board myself as it’s nature lends itself more to a political tool than just art or gaming historically. I guess I’m not used to a game being a political tool like a movie, as a form of entertainment, can and have been. I don’t want it censored or anything but maybe posted in a different topic or a disclaimer IDK.

God I hate political derails, really messes up the flow of a thread.


In other news this game speaks to me like no other…


I wish I liked how these games played truly. Is is similar to Pillars? Cause as much as I wanted to like it I just couldnt.

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Genuinely grateful for the bump as this game is legendary status. Metroid Dread is great, but I’ll be talking about Disco Elysium in ten years and not anything else that came out this year.

Even if you don’t care about politics, you can very easily just enjoy the writing at every moment.

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You are persistently derailing this thread. Do you know what I do when I have no interest in a game that others want to discuss? The answer may shock you!

I don’t post. I internally say “I don’t like that game” and I move on with my life.

No one here wants to debate with you as to whether Disco Elysium is “propaganda”. I find your first interactions on this board to be highly questionable and I am watching how you interact with this community carefully.

You have been warned.