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Originally published at: Disco Elysium - The Final Cut releases on Xbox on October 12th, 2021 - XboxEra

Disco Elysium is finally to the Xbox family of consoles on October press release below:

Disco Elysium – The Final Cut is the definitive edition of the ground-breaking, multi award-winning open world role playing game with an insane amount of choice and consequence. You’re a detective with a unique skill system at your disposal and a whole city block to carve your path across. Interrogate unforgettable characters, crack murder cases, or take bribes. Become the hero, prophet, madman, the greatest detective the world has ever seen… or an absolute disaster of a human being.
The Final Cut brings the residents of Revachol to vibrant life with the inclusion of one million professionally voice acted words by actors from all over the world, as well as adding brand new political vision quests. Explore unseen areas, encounter an expanded cast of memorable citizens, and leave an even bigger mark on the world, all with ‘quality of life’ gameplay enhancements and added replayability.
Disco Elysium – The Final Cut Enhancements

  • New Political Vision Quests: Face the reality of your worldview as your political compass leads you down new paths. Discover more citizens, a whole extra area, and monumental sights as you leave an even bigger mark on the world by chasing your dreams.
  • Full Voice Acting: All the city’s beautiful people are brought to life with full voiceover. Play characters against each other, try to help them, or fall hopelessly in love as each word is spoken to you with the appropriate accent and emotion.
  • Improved Playability: Full controller support and customization lets you play with your preferred setup. Enjoy an expanded range of language options. See the difference when playing in 4K resolution and at 60 frames per second on Xbox Series X.
  • Real Role-Playing: Customize your character with wildly different skills, clothing items, and tools – from guns to a flashlight and a boombox. Develop new ​ideas in the detective’s Thought Cabinet to change how you approach and handle each situation.
  • Unprecedented Freedom: ​Death, sex, taxes, and disco – nothing is off the table in this open world. Solve a massive murder investigation or relax and kick back with sprawling side-cases. Disco Elysium’s revolutionary dialogue system lets you do almost anything.

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Can’t wait


Had my eye on this one for a while, but didn’t trust my potato PC to run it. Glad it’s finally coming to Series X. Looks special. Hope it controls well with a pad.

XGS Publishing should sign these guys yesterday.

I’m not sure I will like that game, but I’m interested. It looks like David Lynch made a game with the guys from Kentucky Route Zero. I don’t know what to expect, even after watching the trailers.

Hype! I’ve been anticipating this ever since it was announced for consoles. Anyone else able to pre-order? I’m only getting the redeem a code option through the Xbox website and have been hoping for a possible Game Pass drop.

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Finally! Been waiting for this!

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@Doncabesa First sentence is missing the word “coming” I think.

Heard really good things about this, glad I can finally try it soon!

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Do you walk around manually in this game or is it more like point and click? I don’t want to look up a playthrough video in case of spoilers.

I have heard good things about the game on Steam. I will give this a look.

Beat it on release for PC and am excited to go through it again; it’s a beautifully-written interactive novel.

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Ah time to make another purchase.

Can’t wait to try this out. Any details on the Series S version?

Yup, can’t wait. This is going to a good time.

On PC it’s point and click for movement. On console, you use the Left Stick to move your character around, then you use the Right Stick to highlight objects to interact with in the environment.

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No thank you. Just wanted to post that I’m not interested in propaganda, especially of the asinine kind.

Care to elaborate?



If your post was sincere in inquiring.

I prefer to keep politics out of my games and my gaming boards(harder to do when a game brings in that discussion by nature), especially misrepresented bad politics that go beyond mere politics.

Communism != The Law of Consecration which predates communism by thousands of years. It’s a twisted evil form of the pure Law of Consecration. It’ has a ton in common with the negative form of fascism, which it more close related to those negative aspects in that it crushes free will and devalues human life in a secretive society control that crushes any and all opposition. Crushing opposition is THE common negative aspect Communism shares with fascism. Obviously all misrepresented in that game.

It’s the stuff of ancient history as well as recent.

"Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.”

He may be a student of history but it’s only recent history which he also grossly misrepresents.

If you are going to tackle subjects and portray it in a more serious light and pretend to portray it “accurately” then please portray it accurately and correctly. It wouldn’t bother otherwise.

Obviously to be accurate in my assessment of the game I’d have to play it but I’ve read enough that game the idea turns me off. I don’t think I’d enjoy my experience with it at all.

Art and games always contain politics. You’ll never “keep them out”, it’s just speak for “I don’t like this particular type of politics”. Also your original post is basically asking for someone to ask you to elaborate without explicitly saying the words. A tired trope that isn’t appreciated.

I however will keep politics out of this forum, as online political discourse is one of the greatest cess pools on the planet nowadays. so lets end it at this.


Neither is bait