Dirt 5 Series X gameplay and impressions are out! (Updated with Digital Foundry - top video)


YESSSS!!! I’m so excited for it!

Watched the Jeff Grubb video at 120FPS. Looks very smooth but tire tracks and whatnot were popping in in the second half of the video. To load a race took 13 seconds. Will have to check out the other impressions.

Also, very smart for Microsoft to lift the NDA on Dirt 5 first. Not sure how we’ll be seeing gameplay on Series X rolled out but going from the “smaller/minor” games first to the “bigger/major” games like WD Legion, Valhalla and Cyberpunk 2077 would be the way to do it because when the gameplay cycle is done, you would much rather have the last impression being one of these games.

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Watching the first video, it took 8 seconds from the moment he chose his car to the moment he could start the race! (4:34 - 4:42)

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What happened to Jeffrey’s video?

Not available anymore!

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The obsession over seeing crossgen ganes on seriesX is odd. Some BC games look better. Until we get series S|X,PS5 exclusive games the next gen consoles are essentially ps4 pro 2 and x1x2.

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Finally, embargo has lifted. Let them game previews coming!

Yep I do not get it people didn’t complain about Nintendo doing it with zelda so why the double standard i do not get it


Game looks pretty rough, whilst I’m sure the game will be great to play, and I’m sure the developers have had a hard time meeting release of the series x during a pandemic, nothing about this screams next gen (YouTube compression probably isn’t helping either)

Hopefully NDA lifts on more games today, but I can already see the Craig meme being replaced from a screen shot from the playground mode of this.

I’m just going to wait for the next forza.

For cross platform games i am mostly interested in hardware comparision because i know the game will look best on a PC regardless.

Can’t wait for DF to put both Consoles side by side and compare them to equivalent PC hardware.

The game has three modes.

Quality - full 4k and uncapped frame rate

Performance - Dynamic 4k at 60 fps

120 FPS - 1440p lower lod and visuals at 120 fps

Jeff nailed it. It looks like an One X/PS4 Pro game because we basically hit a graphical barrier. Look at every game announced for next-gen so far. Basically all of them look like they could be played on the current-mid-gen consoles.

The true next-gen stuff is the higher framerates and smaller loading times. Dirt 5 will be the first game on consoles to have a 120fps mode! A race loads in 8 seconds, while it took almost a minute to load in Dirt 4. So yeah, this time no one will get that next-gen feel by watching YouTube videos. I don’t even think that YouTube has a 120fps mode. And I believe that many people in here doesn’t even have a TV that supports it aswell.

Just remember the third-party “next-gen” titles from our current gen. Battlefield 4, AC Black Flag, CoD Ghosts… does any of these titles hold up today as a big next-gen showcase?

Nonetheless, Dirt 5 looks beautiful with all those different scenarios. No way this can be compared to Craig.


It doesn’t, watch Jeff’s 120fps gameplay, the pop in is awful, the track literally appears at one point at a corner on the snow track.

Jeff was playing on 120fps mode. As @No-1HoloLens-Fan mentioned, this mode runs at 1440p with lower levels of detail.

There is also a performance mode with Dynamic 4K at 60fps and a Quality Mode in Ultra HD.

If you want visuals, Quality Mode should do the trick.

120fps mode basically tells the power of console’s CPU.

Now i wonder how will this game run on a 2070 and 2080🤔

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Here’s dirt 5 running on a 2080ti

I honestly thought that 120fps mode would run at 1080p. I’ll probably go with Performance Mode, since Dynamic 4K isn’t that bad.

Nonetheless, we should see better examples from first party games. Forza Horizon 4 is hitting that sweet 4K60fps spot!

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From Press Start:

On Quality and Performance Modes:

Both of these are fairly major accomplishments, with Dirt 5 looking extremely nice. Not only are the cars well detailed, picking up dirt and damage as you go along the track, but with dynamic weather, and constant visual effects in the form of fireworks or things flying through the air, Dirt 5 is an absolute visual delight on Xbox Series X.

On 120Hz mode:

As evident in the side-by-side image, you can see that shadows definitely aren’t as nice as they are in the Image Quality/Performance modes, the clouds don’t look as nice, and the crowds have been completely removed from the game. Now, this isn’t really surprising as obviously, something had to give in order to hit 120FPS, but with the game being a buttery smooth 4K/60 in other modes, I think most people will end up opting for Visual mode.