DIRT 5 gameplay for Xbox Series S during EDX daily wrap up 5:30pm BST!

Looks like we might be seeing first Series X gameplay, which would be really nice!

EDIT: Series S gameplay now sad face, but still good I guess haha.


Sorry to burst your bubble but it seems to be only Series S gameplay for now

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How dare you just ruin my day like that, kidding haha welp better fix the title!

either way will still be good to get some more game play even if it is for the s

You’d think they want to show their game off looking the best it can. It’s obvious that XSS will be the one of the two that is going to sell best overall, XSX is for those that want the best of the best.

Dirt 5 shown on XSS to show that it can handle high framerates just fine too and can we have ACV on XSX, please? Just some love for the big boy really.



How dare you!?


Bit crazy that they are showing the S version but I assume their reasoning is that 4K doesn’t show on a stream? But sort of mad that within a week of the S being announced we’ve seen already more gameplay from it than the X announced in December…and by the end of today we’ll likely have seen 10X the gameplay volume on S…

Possibly to do a XSX blow out tomorrow which makes PS5 games look a little rough? No idea.

I’m actually more excited to see Series S then Series X gameplay. Even though I intend to buy an X I’m more then comfortable with the idea the X will provide a noticeable jump. So the S is kind of setting my minimum expectations.

I’m desperate for Xbox to do a blow out or show but I just can’t see it now - certainly not this week.

But make PS5 games look rough with what? ACV and WDL look great, but if Sony were to show Horizon FW tonight…well…

A blow out would be awesome though. Have footage left and right of ACV, WDL, Dirt 5, The Medium, The Ascent and so on, plus a nice chunk of Xbox One X games now enhanced for Series X.

There’s so much they can do…

Yeah, it’s getting a bit tiresome at this point. The team has made such an amazing system, a true beast when it comes to consoles. They have two systems to sell this holiday and so far the inferior one has received the most “love”. Smh.

So wheres the gameplay? Anyone have a link?

If that is indeed the S, that looks good.

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This IS the series S gameplay clip from today…

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nice. Looks to be 1440/60 at the minimum going by the video, would be nice if they confirmed it actually runs at 120.

That’s next gens?

I guess that wording is based on it running on Series S (next-gen hardware). The game itself is cross-gen.

I really wanted Dirt 5 to join Game Pass on Day One, specially now that Dirt Rally 2.0 is leaving the catalogue.


No raytracing.