DigitalFoundry - Assassin's Creed: Valhalla Next-Gen Analysis

Very interesting for sure. I look forward to more of their videos. Great job, guys. Fantastic.

They all run at a dynamic resolution, and I’m surprised that the Series S version managed to run at a 1656p resolution at times, with the lowest being 1188p. It is 30 FPS, though.

Overall, both Series X and PS5 versions look the same, and the PS5 version loads around three seconds faster when fast travelling.

Edit: Just to make myself clear, I sad “look” the same, not “run” the same.


I’m planning on getting the series X because one of their main selling points is that 3rd party games perform better, yet they’re not. It’s making me question if I should even bother with it.

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In the middle of a pandemic, first games of a new set of consoles and the xbox toolset is different. Everything gonna be fine.

Jesus MSFT…I know there are a ton of factors in play…but man…for enthusiats…this isn’t a good look at Xbox. Im sure things will pick up. I mean if I was Phil, I would have been like “WTF Guys, 2 extra TFlops and you cant give us a rock solid 60?” IDK, im happy with my XSX, I dont play these games, but im just looking at how things might work. Anyways, cheers.


I’ve played Valhalla for almost 40 hours and I have to be honest, I never noticed any frame drops or frame tearing. But I’m not a technical guy and I would not know about any technical details if it wasn’t for Digital Foundry.

I mean, it is an open world game running at a consistent 60 FPS. There is no way I would notice a drop of four frames.

Nonetheless, as we’ve been exhaustively saying in all FUD threads on this forum, early games will not perform as good as they could on Series X because they had very little time with its development kit. In a few months every game will run a lot better and probably outperform the PS5 versions in many aspects. That’s why Ray Tracing was originally going to be added on DMC5 post-launch on Series X while being available day one on PS5, for example.

With that said, Microsoft offers a lot more than just power. Smart Delivery, backwards compatibility and Game Pass are just a few examples. And the grass is always greener on the other side. I’m sure there are people with PS5 looking at the Series X and wishing some of its features.

Honestly, I am so tired of the pandemic and tools excuse. It’s not like Sony didn’t have to contend with the same things. Xbox is taking a big L right now and we should not be making excuses for it. Yes, hopefully it turns around, but right now we have no big exclusives, no showcase game, and worse multiplats.


You have to be trolling.


Why? I am just stating reality.


Paying for advertising doesnt mean increase performance or anything like that and doesnt change the reality of the world right now.


No, Sony actually didn’t have to contend with those issues in the same way actually. It’s an explanation, not an ‘excuse’. Sony didn’t change their software environment like MS did (XDK–>GDK). Sony also didn’t have to wait for AMD to nail down how they were implementing DX12U features. before adding those features into their own API’s.

These are facts. Update your understanding.


Im convinced you are a troll

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You’re right it doesn’t. But again, one of their main selling points is that 3rd party games will perform best on their console. You couple that with their paid advertisement and people (mainly casuals) are going to make assumptions.


We are 1 week after the console launched in the middle of a pandemic where its been said NUMEROUS times that xbox changed toolsets and they arrived hot because they waited for full rdna2. Those are the facts.

I literally just gave info from DF themselves explaining it…

Here: DigitalFoundry - Assassin's Creed: Valhalla Next-Gen Analysis - #8

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Sony didn’t waited for full RDNA2 and had the advantage of there APIs being better at launch. As a first experience, They achieved better third party experience.

Xbox waited for full RDNA2, had there APIs and drivers delayed. As a first experience, they fell short and it’s disappointing.

Now the question is what will happen in long term?

Things can only improve from this point. But they will improve for both consoles.

So the question is, will Xbox have power advantage in future? Or will the Gamepass be the only advantage on Xbox going forward?


An api is not a fixed thing, they can have it barebones at launch and update it with new features along the way. Apis are also constantly updated through the gen. This is not a hardware problem for Xbox (unfixable), all this stuff is just an update away from devs getting to implement it.

And most new features aka mesh shaders, direct storage and dxr will be implemented fully on Xbox and Pc, so if there’s a new game released on pc using DX12U there’s no reason it won’t run-on Xbox besides exclusivity deals.

DX12U will be the de facto 1st choice dev platform for next gen not Vulkan nor PS api, so thing will only get better.

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Yeah, don’t feed the trolls, guys.

Whoever reads this thread and don’t watch the video will think the game runs in 720p at 30FPS on the Series X lol


yeah like said before will the devs even try to use full xsx hardware ? because apparently ubi went with parity everything is the same and only difference is performance

Isn’t that image fake? I’ve heard it’s fake.