Digital Foundry: What's The Best SSD Option For Back Compat Xbox Games?

SATA SSD looks like to be a perfect solution for backward compatible games on S&X


Seems like a great watch, thanks for the link! @Staffy pinging you because this seems to tie into your interests.

Edit: I really enjoy how approachable they made this. Gonna wait to see how next-gen games perform with the advantages of the XVA but for now it seems like we have some great alternatives for cheaper but still fast storage for BC titles.

Amazon links to the drives he’s using I think:

Seagate Backup Plus 5TB External HDD

2.5" Samsung SSD (extremely expensive)

Sata to USB connector

Samsung PM961 NVMe

ASUS Strix Arion Enclosure (not sure about this one)

I am NOT GOOD at this stuff, please correct me if I’m wrong and don’t buy the thousand dollar Samsung drive I listed lol


Awesome my friend, I appreciate this!

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I went ahead and ordered a samsung 870 1TB. I’ve been using an older samsung ssd on my xbone x, but its 500gb. I was very happy to see the huge difference of the same SSD between xbone x and series x on the DF video. So I guess its “backward compatible games storage solved” for me :slight_smile:

I’ll still keep my current 6tb external HDDs that I also have on xbone x right now, but it will be more of a cold storage option than anything else.

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Yeah, I’m not exactly regretting my big mechanical drive but I’m definitely curious about the Sabrent USB to SATA connector he used . Might be a good path to take if the official Seagate expansion doesn’t have a significant advantage over the rest in Series X games.

afaik usb will not allow you to run series x games from it. its for b/c only and cold storage.

for our next gen games and options, I guess we will have to wait after launch to see how it goes. microsoft has said that more SSD options that plug in the back of the console will come.

edit: your links about sata ssd are correct, but for 870 samsung you are listing the behemoth of 8TB. Here is the more sensible 1TB version Also comes in 2TB and 4TB flavors :slight_smile:

Oh man I totally forgot about that, thanks for reminding me.

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I have a 3TB platter external currently and broke down (cause I’m weak) and bought the 1TB SSD Card. Looking for better back up so this is good stuff.

Interesting insight into how much the CPU influences the decompression time as much or more than just the raw loading speed of the SSD.

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Can you download Xbox 360 and Xbox One games onto the internal Xbox Series X SSD? Main ones for me would be the Halo MCC, Halo 5, a few Arkane games from Xbox One and possibly Dead Space from EA Play.

Yes of course you can. The point of this video and test is to show that if you got a good SATA SSD and cable, running games that are not made for series S|X from that is an equally good solution, if you are running out of space on the internal SSD and you have to micromanage your games

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Cool. I’m assumed that you could but wanted to make sure since I have 12 backwards compatible games that I will be playing at some point. Thanks.

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The comparison was really nice and it seems buying a external one and also a adapter for it might be cheaper than buying the SSDs to come with USB and such. I’m gonna look up how much the SSDs Richard covered cost here.

I checked and it seems the SSD plus adapter would make it about 110 dollar, probably the same in euros. But that’s solely for BC.

I keep thinking that I should either just wait for more options for SSD cards or buy a SSD card so that I can put any game on there and play them too, including of course actual XSX games.

Just bought a Samsung T5 2TB the other day in preparation for playing BC games from there. max 540 MB/s which is also the max for USB 3.2 Gen 1


Question: Should I upgrade my non external HDD to an external SSD to play BC and XB1 games? I was kind of thinking of just using my 2TB HDD and just wait for the expansion slot to lower in price in a couple of years

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If you have the money, do it. It is cheaper than using the 1TB Seagate NVMe proprietary extension card. And you can use it with your PC equipment too if you don’t longer need it.

You can buy a external SSD drive or an adapter that you plug to internal SSDs. What you shouldn’t buy is a external NVMe. That would be waste of money as USB 3.2 Gen 1 is max 5 GB/s and only would be able to support read speeds around 500+ MB/s anyway.

In Germany a 2 TB internal SSD + Adapter is about 200 Euros.

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Been thinking of getting the Samsung 870, because I know I will be testing tons and tons of BC games. Getting the Samsung won’t be an issue , but that adapter though. It’s a must that it’s a USB 3.1, right? I see several of 3.0 but not many 3.1 and the Sabrent is sold out.

Found this, but it’s not Sabrent

I believe I saw on the other forums that 3.1 is a must, yeah. Can’t vouch for that one you linked (or anything else really), sorry!

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Just got an external 500GB SSD for 45€ Hope it does the job well.

That price ain’t bad. Where?