Digital Foundry: What's The Best SSD Option For Back Compat Xbox Games?

I’ll get rid of my 2TB external HDD for it. At least I won’t have that one connected all the time anymore. I dislike the noise. Will just plug it in, when needed, or to store big games I don’t play anymore.

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When I recently purchased the Samsung 870 based on info in this thread, I couldn’t find the Sabrent so I went with this.

I like the idea of an added enclosure. I do have family on the wife’s side with miniature bipedals stumbling around.

So far it FAR exceeds the data transfer and load speeds of my old Fantom 10k RPM HDD! I haven’t done any math for specifics, though.

I’ll look into that, but does the 870 really need a enclosure?

You mean this one, right? :slight_smile:

Yep, that’s the SSD I grabbed. 2TB, version though.

As for “need” an enclosure, no. It’s a contained unit. Just make sure the pins are covered (connections well seated). In a former work life, adapters like the Sabrent were left to the elements and dust buildup on the enclosure and connectors didn’t end well.

And as I mentioned I do have occasional visits with curious toddlers that like to grab and chew on anything and everything. Add that specs show it meets or exceeds the transfer speeds of the Sabrent at a close enough price for me, and my paranoia won over and I ordered it.

Before I buy this though, I wonder where does the SSD itself connect into on that enclosure? Trying to understand it, haha. Also…between a WD or Samsung SSD, it’s best to go for Sammy , right?

I’ve had much much MUCH better metrics overall with Samsung drives. All anecdotal but some searches online mirror the assumptions.

For the enclosure, you slide off a cover, put the SSD in the enclosure, slide it in to the pin housing (only goes one way), secure it (push a bit harder), replace the cover and plug it all in.

Easy! Promise. :wink:

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Thank you, my friend. I’m gonna do some Googling and decide what to because launch day is very soon now. On one hand I want to save the money and just play WD Legion, but I KNOW once I get to the checking out of BC games I’m gonna get annoyed with the long copying times, haha.

I didn’t wait. My 2 TB HDD was about 70% full. It took HOURS to copy from it to the new SSD. And I’m already spoiled by the improved loads on my One X!!!

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Yeah I see what you mean. Copying from SSD to another SSD is not the nightmare that is copying to HDD. Personally I’m thinking of the 1TB, because if I go for 2TB I figure I might as well get the Seagate card so that I can play XSX only games off it.

Just wanna say thanks to the people discussing things in this topic because I will definitely use it as a reference when I get an external SSD down the line, lol.

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I got one of those, too. I still have a ton of MS store credit because I preloaded it to get multiple Series Xs (they changed to 1-per-customer the day before pre-orders after I verified 3 in one order would be OK a week prior).

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