Digital Foundry: Returnal Technical Analysis

  • internal 1080p TAAupscaled to 1440p then checkerboard reconstructed to 2160p, they say its not great image quality

  • use hardware Raytracing to accelerate rasturised global illumination, Raytracing is not used to drive the games visuals but rather to process rasterised effects faster.

  • great particle and physics effects

  • great use of sound.

  • 60fps most of the time with dips in the low to mid 50s in heavy action scenes.


Just post this in the game analysis thread

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Love these deep dives by DF and I will be sure to watch later.

Slightly surprised that the game is running at an internal resolution of 1080p and continues to prove that developers are always finding interesting ways to boost image quality from a lower resolution. However, in this case I feel it is one too many upscales.

I forgot about that, the only issue is people are not alerted to new tech analysis the same way they are with a unique thread.

What do people want? Shall i lock this thread and post in the visual discussion thread instead?

Yeah we usually just funnel all that talk in there

Discussion can be held here. Thank you.