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No Man’s Sky


Jesus,…Staffy has to wake up, seems he’s sleeping. LOL.

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And the rdna2 performance while not on the same level as Nvidia does give a very positive hope of RT performance on consoles.

Dam i just got a mental image of Alex from DF going to his bedroom with a box of tissues and a magazine showing the most hardcore ray tracing :crazy_face:

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Laugh Laughing GIF by Angry Birds

  • internal 1080p TAAupscaled to 1440p then checkerboard reconstructed to 2160p, they say its not great image quality

  • use hardware Raytracing to accelerate rasturised global illumination, Raytracing is not used to drive the games visuals but rather to process rasterised effects faster.

  • great particle and physics effects

  • great use of sound.

  • 60fps most of the time with dips in the low to mid 50s in heavy action scenes.


That’s one of the best review of the game actually. More than half of the video is about the gameplay, visual aspect, feeling of the game with Alex and John going back and forth with their commentary.

We can argue about semantics, but there’s no RT, not that that’s a bad thing, but yeah, RT is not used in the traditional way we expect. It’s just advanced GI.

Then they go with the bad stuff. It’s 1080p with TAA. And now I understand why the environments look so dark : you can’t see the reconstruction artifacts on the foliage when it’s dark because it blends with the background. It gives a distinct look to the game though.

60 FPS with dips at 55.

Particles look good but the game is kind of grainy and blurry.


For me. Returnals IQ looks really quite nice, i was expecting like an internal 1512p with some good reconstruction tech.

The weak point for me is the environments, character model and how those two things are lit. These two areas actually look inferior to gears hivebusters, they seem to use the majority of there rendering budget on particle effects and complex enemies.

I really look forward to see what the coalition will do on next gen hardware.

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Thoughts from another universe…

It would be interesting to get a Developer DeepDive presentation for Returnal. At the very least I’d like to see the image comparisons at each step: at 1080p, 1440p Temporal Reconstructed, and final Checkerboard Reconstructed 2160. I think the game looks nice, but still curious how each step impacts the image.

I’m also curious if any aspect of their setup is dynamic. On a hypothetical 5Pro with 50% more GPU available or a BC PS6 with 100% more GPU, would the game adjust or would the devs need to issue a patch.


Would a PS5 pro really be worth it for native 4k or heaven forbid checkboard 8k.

I refuse to get a mid gen, with there being $499 consoles at launch this time around I dont think a mid gen is necessary.

Last gen started at 499 and we still got mid gen refreshes.

This is getting ridiculous.

TAA and then Checkerboard :crazy_face:

Too bad a PC version doesn’t exsits to compare it with.

I like this approach very much to be honest. Most of the games budget is about making best quality visuals at 1080p. And then upsample it in two stages to 4k.

This approach makes it possible to have the best possible quality settings on a console.

I hope devs around the industry takes this approach and make games with best quality settings first and then resolution.

As a platform

Quality settings > Resolution


Well, the xbox one was $399 with a mandatory $100 camera. And it quickly ditched the camera and was $399

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I also want to say its rather misleading sony marketing returnal as “4k”


Your point here would be easier for some to notice if they watch it in motion I bet.

Normally I would say faux-k is fine even for marketing, but this is truly misleading imho. Might be the only game I’ve felt that way about too.


I was going to mention this. It’s not 4K, come on Sony lol. I could let it slide if the image appeared like it was 4K, so say Spiderman, but it looks far below the clarity that 4K entails.


They would better off not mentioning the resolution at all, like Nintendo.


If ya can’t resolve the details that extra polish on the settings side doesn’t reach the player’s eye…


For that the game could render without TAA or checkerboard at just 1080p in one mode.

In other mode it could try to reach 4k by whatever means it needs to.

I am trying to imply

Give me PC ultra settings at 1080p mode as an option. That’s all I want to happen.

This where I believe Xbox games has a better chance. The best version of an Xbox game will be out day and date for anyone who can pay for it.

For playstation, either chose 4k or Quality setting. And that if dev provide that option. Glad Insomniac provided three option for Spidey.