Did Halo Infinite's Delay impact your decision about getting Xbox Series X day 1?

Personally I’m all in for waiting for a better/more polished product, so the delay didn’t do much for me, still getting Series X day 1.

  • Yes
  • No

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Still getting a S and a X day 1. There are so many games to play, that a single one doesn’t affect my buying decision.


Given I was most excited for the current gen boost with Series X, nothing has changed with me.


Nothing has changed here, I’m still day 1. I can’t wait to play the games on GamePass that are upgraded for Series X.


Yes for me. I didn’t care what it cost before. It was what it was. Now, I have set a limit of $500USD/$700 CAD. It’s the most I can justify given how unknown the rest of the launch lineup is. I have no doubts The Medium is good, but if the price is too much, I’m sticking with my S and getting the inevitable Halo collectors edition.

To bump this cutoff back up to where it was, I need to see what their GP plans are and what their Halo replacement is, if anything.

I misslicked lol. Anyways my launch title was always Yakuza since I’m not that interested in Halo.

Outside Halo fans, didn’t know that every single Xbox user is waiting for the game? For me, still waiting for New KI or some Japanese announcement, millions are waiting to play Fortnite, Minecraft, Cod, Fifa, Ubisoft games … Etc

So the answer of this question is expected from Halo Fans.

Nah not at all. I’m actually glad it got postponed since it will allow me to play a bunch of the other games on launch day. Sometimes it feels like they release too many games at the same time and I’d rather they spaced them out a bit.

I have Cyberpunk, Dragon Quest, The Medium, Scorn and The Ascent on my most wanted and they’ll keep me happy for a long time. Plus backlog and game pass.

No why would it? A console is more than just a game.

It’s about the ecosystem, and whats coming out on game pass will be enough to keep me busy. Its not like theres no AAA games from 3rd party too.

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QoL improvements are enough for me. Can’t wait to play my current backlog (and forthcoming crossgen games) without horrendous loading times.


Nope. Still getting a Series X on day one, but I won’t lie, the Halo news (plus other recently “rumours” about third party) put a cold shower on my excitement for the new gen.

Nope because the new QoL stuff and BC and plenty of XsX optimzed games.

Not in the least. Looking forward to Ori, Sea of Thieves, Fallen Order, Red Dead Redemption etc. from my backlog as well as Ascent, Gears Tactics, Call of the Sea, maybe Cyberpunk. But honestly I’d get it just for the SSD and quick resume. It’s gonna be awful going back to the old system after that.

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Getting a new console is like getting a brand new GPU at least to me it is, I can’t wait to see how all my current games play.

Also can now spend all my time on Cybperpunk :smiley:


I’m not particularly bothered about playing games I’ve already played at higher resolutions with faster load times so yeah, probably going to wait on buying the Series X.

Games still look excellent on my 1X so I’m not bothered.

I’m getting it day one. I stuck with the OG Xbone till the end.

Not at all, my decision does not hinge on any one game. That said, I might not be able to get it day one either way, but if I manage, I definitely will.

wow that’s going to be an insane upgrade for you haha the XB1X was a huge upgrade for me and you’re going straight past that to the best XSX. I’m jealous.


I’m in the same boat so I feel yea never could afford a one x at the time because I was in the middle of buying my first house so rode with the og xbox and gamepass was a godsend. Now I got a little more income so I cant wait to experience series x even on some old games. I’m excited

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Yes and no. I wasn’t planning to get it day 1 but if Halo was truly impressive it would have pushed me over the edge. Still excited about next gen though.