Diablo IV hits the Xbox app Thursday, March 28th


I’ve waited long enough to be able to play Diablo 4. Going to lose so much time to this once it hits GamePass.

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Interesting, means it’s not gonna be linked to BattleNet?

Wait for season 4. The endgame is terrible atm.

Lucky for you season 4 is in a couple weeks so maybe get the campaign done, and the map progression now then do s4

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Buddy, all the new players are spending months in the campaign most likely. They’re not immediately jumping into the endgame like a sociopath


Months !? If I recall I finished the campaign in a day or 2, and didn’t even no life it.

Cant wait. I skipped this last year. Fucking stupid its not on cloud though

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Thanks to the CMA right ?

But I thought MS would get ABK titles on cloud by making a deal with Ubisoft !

It will probably come at a later date. If ubisoft have the rights theyll try to put it on their own shitty service on cloud and charge more.

I want to know though how this gsme runs on a series s.

I run diablo 4 at medium settings at a stable 60fps on my steam deck… should run easily on series S

For the average casual player spending a few months and about 100 hours on the campaign seems right to me


I don’t think your average casual gamer spends 100 hours on a game in an entire year unless it’s cod or fifa

I mean its generelizing. Casuals do spend time gaming. Even if its cod or fifa. 100 hours across 3 to 4 months isnt absurd. My sister is very casual and she took 5 months to beat zelda totk and she played it every week for about 4 to 5 hours.

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This is shockingly bad lol,

They need to make their ecosystem one app on PC, not fractured like this… And no Xbox achievement for playing on PC then either

I think many people thought that’s why it was taking Soo long to add bnet games, but alas

Why the hell would they make ANOTHER version of this game on PC? Seriously, what does it actually accomplish other than a lot of extra work? It’s not like Activision or Blizzard have a ton of games that come out anymore. Tieing in to the already successful bnet account was always what makes the most sense.


It just further disjoints the ecosystem…

Now we can assume none of the abk titles will become play anywhere, and there will be no shared achievements lists between ABK titles already on battlenet and Xbox.

Some games like crash bandicoot on battlenet can also be assumed will not share cross save with Xbox.

Long term we really need consistency in the ecosystem or it’s useless

Overwatch 2, Diablo 4, and Call of Duty are already cross-play/save/progression thanks to the bnet system. Achievements are pointless.


It’s just a pet peeve of mine, like how EA titles on PC gamepass don’t share saves with Xbox or achievements , and older Bethesda games on PC have a different PC version that does not share the save with Xbox and makes a new achievement list.

And that’s why I mentioned crash bandicoot, it’s a single player game on battlenet launch which we can assume will not share saves with Xbox, or even get the achievement list on PC.

They have owned ABK for less than 6 months…calm down.

Oh no, they haven’t completely reengineered the entire content delivery structure of a mega conglomerate in a few months! The world is ending!

I don’t disagree that it is sloppy, but perfection is the enemy of good. It’s either make people wait for some perfect implementation of the two environments, or get the game in peoples hands. They chose the sensible option.