Diablo IV Beta Discussion

Really enyoing the demo myself

Ok thanks I’ll give the video a watch. It is really noticeable on my LG OLED in this demo. Particularly bad in cut scenes. It also has the same problem that Diablo 3 had where it dims the screen while you’re playing.

Overall really impressed with the beta. I took a Barbarian from 1 to 20 and almost completed the first plot quest chain.

Friday was hell for trying to get on, but by late Friday and throughout the rest of the weekend I did not see a single queue. I was able to login whenever I wanted without issues.

Ran into a couple of small bugs, mostly around world events not successfully completing, but not too bad.

Only complaint, I wish I could play without random players running around in the overworld. In a lot of ways it just pulled me out of the immersive experience and I worry about how crowded things could get at launch.

I don’t think you’ll see many more players, its like Destiny where only so many players are instanced into a game session

That would be nice. I mostly plan to play with 2 or 3 friends after launch and would really like to avoid too many random encounters while trying to explore or complete content.

Kinda hope Blizzard gives an option to play in a private instance for the entire game if you have a party.

Even though I choose the options to get the most tutorials, basic stuff isn’t explained to me.

I see that my barbarian has a hammer equipped but also a sword and two axes.

By default he uses the axes, how do I switch to the other weapons?

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I think it depends on what Skills you’re using. Some skills will only use certain weapons…

I’m not playing this beta but is there other players running around? Can you turn that off?

Yes it’s always online. There are people running around. You see more in town and a lot less (maybe 1 or 2) outside of towns. I think it’s instanced to like 15-20 at most so you don’t see hundreds of people about. The world raid bosses are max 12 players I think.

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I’m not sure this is going to be my kind of game. Certainly not something I’d buy. If it gets added to Game Pass I’d play it with friends but that’s about it.

For me it’s just too repetitive. And I realize many games could be called repetitive but “boredom” for me here just starts way sooner than with other games. Now my character is a barbarian, combat getting repetitive kinda makes sense I guess. I’ll make sure to try out the other classes too.

Which one offers the most variety?

Man blizzard makes great games, I’m loving this so far!


I think the tutorials and information on how the classes function are lacking and I’ve played all the Diablos.

Had the same thought originally about barbarian. The barbarian uses an full arsenal system. This means you have a heavy bludgeon weapon, a heavy slicing weapon and two 1hand weapons equipped. All the secondary and legendary stats apply from these weapons. Which is used when using a skill can be set but it is default set to pick and use the best one. No manual switching of weapons is needed.

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Game is pretty bland, it’s like diablo 3 with all the fun sucked out of it.

At the end of the day I’ll play it free on GamePass anyways, but I hope the end game is as fast paced as diablo 3

Aight, I didn’t realize that meant some MMO-lite thing for campaign too. I’ll wait for Game Pass for sure then. Running into xXrand0mslAyerTREXx kinda kills the immersion for me.

Yeah, that’s how I’m experiencing it too. I got to play with a buddy too but even then it’s just not really wowing me at all. Combat becomes repetitive rather quickly for me. But tomorrow I will make sure to check out a completely different class, barbarian feels a bit boring to be honest.

I’m someone who played diablo 3 for like a thousand hours as well.

Oh, ok, that’s a world of difference for me because I barely played any, haha. So in what ways is this different and less fun than 3? What is changed/removed that makes it less fun for you?

I’ve played all the classes to some extent now. At these low levels in the beta barbarian and druid have by far been the slowest and dullest (I’m sure they’re all more balanced at max level).

Would recommend necro. Or ranged rogue to try next

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I enjoyed the simplicity instead of this path of exile rip off skill tree, the gameplay in this feels so slow

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I kinda like seeing people in the open world. Makes the game feel a little more alive

The only issue I’m having is when I first enter a town, I start teleporting all over the place due to lag.

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