Diablo IV Beta Discussion

Anyone else checking out the beta?

Just booted the game to check it out and 82 minute queue :joy:


Yeah I played it earlier but annoyingly had to leave and couldn’t get back in. What I played was brilliant though.

Managed to play for around 30 minutes earlier and it looks fantastic in 4K on my PC. Plays beautifully. Just went to jump back in and 138 minutes queue. Might try again later.

Diablo 3 is better


I played it on Xbox. I had to wait over an hour just to log in because the queues were so long. I really hope they fix that next weekend. I preordered the $99 edition and no one should wait that long to log in. The graphics are amazing. The character creator looks really great. I played as a wizard and it was fun. I only played as a necromancer in Diablo 3. Crowd control is something gamers will have to figure out.

I wish they would have offline singleplayer mode that doesn’t require their servers.

Supposedly, people abused the Amazon ordering system, where they preordered Diablo 4, got the code for this beta and then canceled their order, leading to more beta gamers than Blizzard expected there to be.

In any case, it should show Blizzard that they need a more dynamic server setup to respond to any spikes in demand.

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For those playing the Beta, I have a few questions -

Is the entire open world shared with other players or is it like Division for example where the other players are only in the home base and safe houses?

Also, how much of the game can’t be played/completed solo? Thanks.

I’ve only seen other players in the towns and occasionally when doing world events.

Haven’t seen anything that requires a group so like previous Diablo games it should be fully soloable at least for the content we have available.

Thank you for the info. Appreciate it.

One last question - when playing solo, is Gold/PS Plus required? Thanks.

The beta does not but the full game will since it’s a always online game

Damn, that sucks. Was hoping it was like Division 1 & 2 where it’s always online but you only need Gold/Plus if playing co-op or in the Dark Zone. Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

Is this officially confirmed? While you definitely need to be online to play, you might be able to play solo with no Gold/PS+

Hmm just checked the store page and it only mentions needing a Battle.net account so it may not require live; usually store pages say live gold required for online play

How many games require Gold/PS+ to play at all? I’m not sure they do that when Path of Exile while also requiring online, is free so it doesn’t require Gold/PS+

Hoping that Gold isn’t required when playing solo ala Division and Outriders. I’ll be so happy!!! :joy:

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Hope they fix this, since not every tv is the same

Really enjoyed my time with it so far. I’m hoping the acquisition goes through. I’m planning on buying a pc and would like to think it will go cross-buy if Microsoft own ABK. Would be nice to play on both Xbox and PC

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Is this the issue where it looks like a grey film in HDR?

Probably. I haven’t played the beta myself yet. But sadly games nowadays can still have broken HDR where areas that should be pitch black are more like dark grey. He’s a huge hater of that.