Diablo III Resolution on Series X|S to be set at 4k/1080p in Tuesday's Season 26 Patch

Originally published at: https://xboxera.com/2022/04/10/diablo-iii-resolution-update-deployed-for-xbox-series-xs/

Diablo III has finally had a much-awaited resolution update for Xbox Series X|S. In preparation for Season 26 of the game and announced on the Blizzard Website, these graphical upgrades are coming on Tuesday April 12th. On Xbox Series X you can expect to see true 4k resolution whilst Xbox Series S will receive true 1080p resolution.


nice to see this title getting support so long into its life.

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Nice surprise for when its ready for GamePass :wink:


Lol, right after I finish it.

It’s why I chuckle when people immediately deride publishers talking about ten year plans for their games, as it is not that uncommon now to see games getting supported years after their original release.


No patch on Xbox yet. I’ll check out tomorrow.

It’s bizarre though that they are talking about Series X|S. I thought it was just a small fix for the One X version. I hope the game can still run from my external HDD after the patch.

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yeah, hard to argue that point when games like No Man’s Sky, Rocket League, Sea of Thieves and others exist. mind you, how all this upkeep is paid for is another thing. still, nice to know in some cases you’re gonna get years out a product versus months.

The patch releases Tuesday. I’ve fixed the news article and title of the post

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Wait…what res was it before? I never played this on xbox one only pc.

And if Ab is doing this will we one day grt 60fps patch for crash racing?

900p like the one s version because of a bug

No i mean on xbox one and one x. Becauze a lot of these were 900p last gen

One was 900p, one x was up to 4k

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One was actually 1080P in this case.

The update is up btw.

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anyone have impressions to share?

Small patch. It’s now a full fat 4K image on Series X. Looks cleaner now.


Wasn’t the xbone version 1080p? (Demo was 900p, but by launch they removed Kinect and it could reach 1080p), at least dynamic. Weird that not SS nor SX would at least lock to 1080p before

I saw someone saying it was bugged and running 900p when news of the patch hit so I took their word as gospel because I read it on the internet.

I’m not sure anymore, I do remember it being so, but at the same time why would they say SS is 1080p now then?

Maybe I’m blind but this doesn’t look 4K to me. :person_shrugging: (and yes I’ve applied the update).