DF: Watch Dogs Legion - Xbox Series S|X RT performance tested

Nvidia RT is performing better. By a lot.

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Not surprised anymore, seems like the GDK issues DF heard about are quite real and the console is under performing across the board.

I hope it does get better eventually. SX underperforming compared to a 2060S is not expected at all.


Do we know about PS5 version for Watch Dogs ?

On cross gen games it will be an issue for a while I bet. I’m sure it will set a narrative in the meantime though, and when patches come out in a few months to fix it nobody will notice.


I think these are great results for the first title using rt. Also I expected amd’s RT not to be as good as Nvidia solution out of the box. Nvidia is doing this stuff for 2 years now. I think the game looks really good, but we definitely need something like dlss in the future. Also London is a really cool setting

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According to Alex it uses the exact same settings as SX.

So a mix of pc medium settings. With some RT settings even below the low. And both consoles using dynamic res from 1440p to 4k reconstructing when below the target.

So basically the only difference will come down to resolution and framerate, but since SX is already below a 2060S in this game I imagine ps5 will be at least around on par.

I do hope they get patched and fixed. My biggest concern right now is devs not upgrading old games when the GDK improves.

We have limited RT footage on 6800 but it does seem to work well there.

But given that even in non RT games SX is consistently below a 5700XT I would assume the GDK is just not on final performance across the board.

I definitely think in that case that the late GDK is responsible for that, because we know the SX is capable of much more.

In which games is it below a 5700 XT ? I would say that launch games are not enough to make a definitive conclusion for the whole generation.

It absolutely will get better, I’ve seen a lot of hot takes on Twitter that ignore the facts that there’s a pandemic that greatly impacted the crucial period for finalizing toolsets and such. Xbox was more impacted because PS5 had an extra year of dev time and their toolset is more of an evolution, as it’s missing key features that the XDK has due to its additional hardware/efficiency implementations, at least what I’ve gathered from devs and insiders.

Just look at the utilization of hardware on something like AC: Black Flag, to even the XOne version of Odyssey. This gen, because of the fact that Microsoft focused on implementing cutting-edge hardware (at least in terms of what was possible for a $500 console) I think we’re going to see some incredible evolution over the course of the lifespan, especially when developers are familiarized with some of the new capabilities of DX12U and RDNA2.


great imagine having the most powerful console and not able to fully utilize it smh MS neet to get their shit together

so 2022 ? lol by that time XSX would be less powerful than mid gen refresh so much for the most powerful console… hopefully this not the case and they able to fix it next year

I don’t know why people are not taking that into account. Given everything we know, I’m actually quite impressed with the results we are getting.


for PS5 ? Sure great results, for XSX ? nah fam we shouldn’t have this result

DMC5 for example the non RT modes are running quite badly on SX.

Forza Horizon 4 is able to completely lock 4k60 at ultra settings on a 5700. SX is missing some very important settings from it.

AC is apparently running around an average of 1440p, if that’s true than 5700 is also outperforming both consoles.

And now WD Legions running below a 2060S.

But like I said, I’m not worried about the future. I know SX is more capable than that. My concern is those games will likely not be updated when the GDK situation improves and be locked at a unoptimal state like what happened with earlier Xbone games.

No, I meant likely spring-2021. There won’t be any mid-gen refreshes this time.

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I think there would be mid-gen refreshes if Sony did it then MS will follow

It’s little disappointing.

But for the people being ‘extremly’ disappointing - where are the two times improvements of the laoding times on the PS5?

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Yeah, I’m not worried about the future at all. MS likely made a choice to take a hit now, but having the situation much better later on in regards to their ecosystem. At least, the differences are almost non existent compared to the situation in 2013 between Xbox One and PS4.


Yup! So far from what industry experts has shared yet.

Shrinking die size will be costlier and the mid gen refresh will definitely cost more then 500 at its launch.

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