DF review - Gears 5 on Xbox series X


Its amazing work by the coalition.

I hope this though being an average res of about 1800p with a range of 1080-4K even with utilizing VRS puts to bed the idea that large open world games are going to hit native 4K 60FPS regularly. Just not happening.

I also think this shows why native resolution is becoming completely redundant as a metric now. The game looks amazing and benefits far far far more from the improvement in lighting, shadows and frame stability than it would if they’d just made the resolution native 4K or close…


It’s crazy we’re getting a seemingly locked 120 FPS MP game on a console that still looks really good…


Quite a showing for SX.

In some shots the difference against X is quite drastic.

And it’s doing with better internal resolutions and framerates.


Insane! Higher than pc ultra for some settings too! This is a game built for X1 not even taking advantage of all the RDNA2.0 tech. Imagine what Gears 6 gonna look like haha were in for a treat!


Looks amazing! I’m glad I didn’t finish the game, can’t wait to replay it on these settings!

The game is still a showcase on the new console. That’s crazy !

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For huge open world games you want the world to look lively, like Witcher 3. The first time I saw the trees and bushes, grass wildly swaying in the wind…that was a “wow” moment for me. To this day it’s still great to see. These are small things that add up to something big and noticeable in these games. You certainly don’t want too many things to be static.

This does make me think of AC Valhalla, if it’s truly native 4K, what did they have to sacrifice to get there?

Clue: It won’t be!

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The PR person did reply to WC that it was the full 4K, but that doesn’t mean it can’t go lower than that, sometimes hitting native 4K, sometimes going lower. But that’s dynamic and in that case Ubi just needed to be honest.

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People just gonna run around with the resolutions for both consoles and call it a day.

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Anyway wish Microsoft had some sort of backup plan to Halo Infinite because now people will use all these xbox one patched games for nonsense.

Want to know the reason as to why they couldnt work to get Wasteland 3 held back 2-3 months along with Battletoads. Why not get Bleeding Edge as a release for now instead of 8 months ago.

The Coalition are so talented.

I still dip into the multiplayer / horde modes every once in a while. Can’t wait to see and feel this running on the Series X for myself, especially the 120 FPS multiplayer and DLC. As someone who hasn’t played on PC seriously since Half Life 2, I have no idea what frame rates like this feel like.

The best part? The fact that this update is FREE if you own the game or Game Pass.

No re-packaged ultimate / remastered edition.


People made fun of Bleeding Edge since the day it was announced. It is not really a graphical showcase (it was a $30 game, after all), and would make no impact as a next-gen launch title – on the contrary, it would only attract bad memes from haters just like the Craig incident.

The same can be said about Battletoads. It is a damn fun game that would have no impact as a next-gen launch title, since it would run basically the same as it does on the Xbox One X apart from loading screens.

Edit: Microsoft also needed to launch first-party games, otherwise it would have been a pretty empty year. I do agree that August was packed and that Wastelands and Tell Me Why could have been better distributed during the year (although Wastelands had already suffered a delay).

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The PR person probably doesn’t have a clue…probably dynamic.

It is awkward because as per Dual shockers

PS5 is upscaled 4k. XSX native 4k due to optimization.

We should just wait for DF analysis anyway.


Man, it’s very tempting for me to play this game again with all the new updates and graphical enhancements… great work by the Coalition.

My favourite game just keeps better and better for FREE :smiley:


yeah i dont trust any of these anymore, let’s just wait and see


Nice stuff.

Will give it a try, but I dont feel like playing a gears campaign again. Imo they are quite tedious now.

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