DF Direct: Halo Infinite Delay Reaction - Xbox 'Series S' Confirmed?

I like John, but he is not thinking straight AT ALL here wrt his thinking on Halo and X1’s version. Add hair to brutes, add ray traced lighting, fix pop-in, tweak how the hex columns look…that’s all that needs to happen for the game to look great. That alone will likely get it back up near the reveal trailers. If he wants Hellblade level visuals, that would be huge detriment to gameplay. X1 version can retain hairless brutes, have pop-in, etc at 900p or even 720p and be just fine.

And XSX automatically gets best console version of Cyberpunk anyhow…

What I got from DF is that PC is going to be the best place to play CP 2077 for quite awhile. I will closely be watching the Nvidia reveal - leaning more into building a great SFF water-cooled PC instead. Would be a fun project

Let’s hope DF’s pricing analysis on Series X and PS5 (over £/$500) is incorrect.


If they can make big changes to the game if they drop the xbox one version then I’m fine with it, I will be playing this on SX anyway but I’m sure that canceling that version will anger a lot of people and may also not be what they need for this game right now with the game having free to play multiplayer they’re gonna need a huge player base from the get go and there’s over 50 million Xbox ones out there and by the time Halo Infinite comes out there probably won’t even be 10 millions SX consoles sold yet though I’m sure Halo Infinite is a game that will push many to buy the console so big decisions that they need to make in the coming months so we’ll see how it goes but I do have a feeling that the Xbox one version will be canceled.

There’s also PC but I think the vast majority of Halo Infinite’s players will be on Xbox probably.

If it is correct, a lot of people will opt for the Ampere cards instead

Which is why Series S is an option, for those wanting to stay within the Xbox ecosystem anyway. I was thinking £250 for the S and £499 for the X but if DF are correct then we could be looking at £550 or even £600.

I am in favor of 343 dropping the Xbox One version of Halo Infinite. Or, at least, only releasing the MP on XB1, with the campaign being only on XSX and PC.

Gameplay, level/world design, and story are what are most important for me in a Halo game. From what they’re saying, I’m excited by a Master Chief focused story on a new Halo ring. The gameplay in the trailer looked amazing, no worries there. I do wonder how the world design would benefit if they didn’t need to build the game for a traditional HDD, like what’s in the XB1. And I’m concerned regarding the ability of the game to continue to grow over time while still supporting XB1 - they’ve said this is Halo for the next 10 years, how does XB1 fit into that, is there an “end point” for it’s usage, and what impact does it have on development?

Graphics are important and add to the overall experience. I wouldn’t be buying an XSX at launch if they weren’t important. I was kinda shocked at how not next gen the visuals looked, especially given how powerful the XSX is (I know the game was running on dev hardware). I know PC’s have support low and high end machines at the same time, but in regard to Infinite, the game looked (in my opinion) tailored to the low end of the hardware spectrum - it looked (imo) like an XB1 game which later on got a quick next gen patch, rather than something with the new hardware in mind.

Halo is my favorite gaming franchise, and I want to see it at it’s best.

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Squash the XONE version? As if this game needed more backlash


It won’t happen, not at launch. If this game is really a platform, then support will be dropped further down the line but I can’t see a world where this doesn’t release on Xbox One.


Sure, the premise of the discussion was console warz comparisons by John, in which case the best version will easily be XSX.


If dropping the One version results in a massively improved visual bar I’m all for that. I just can’t see how the One won’t be an anchor for a game that is supposed to have 10 years of support.

If they can get this to look like the engine trailer it will be an absolute stunner. God, how did 343i get to this point :frowning:

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That’s not how software development works. Dropping one version won’t magically make the other better. This is a game that’s been in development for 5 years. It was imagined with the Xbox One in mind.

Dropping it is more of a PR move, than an actual practical one.

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I don’t think the whole campaign can be redesigned in one year and I’m sure the developers much rather not do that after already scrapping plans for the original Halo 6 plan. Still I think part of John’s reasoning was also to streamline development somewhat and allow the team to focus on next gen systems only and I don’t disagree with this approach. Release the FTP MP on the Xbox One and make the campaign next gen exclusive with fewer limitations to worry about.

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You are 100% right

I question the benifits that going next gen only would bring at this point, most of the core work will be already be done, making it next gen only wont have big benefits unless they delay it another 2yrs and essentially remake the game.

What I hope they do is work on the xsx enhancements, have Raytracing, no pop in and just overall more attention to detail in all areas.

While i agree with DF that a next gen showpiece is important, its not as important as people might think, BOTW showed despite being based on last gen tech, it still competed with next gen games.

Also games like fortnite, warzone and GTA5 will still be the most popular games on next gen, despite them being last gen, GTA5 is a 360 game for crying out loud.


Let’s assume the new planned release date is April 2021 to hit their fiscal year. They can get a lot more done and put a greater emphasis on those next gen features you want if they only had to worry about 3 platforms instead of 5.


Nintendo has the most loyal fanbase out there. No other company could get away with what they constantly are able to

Man imagine the big leap Halo Infinite could’ve had if it was developed solely for SX from the start, it would be the only real next gen launching this year or early next year too and that would’ve been huge.

They always have phenomenal first party titles though

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