DF Direct: Halo Infinite Delay Reaction - Xbox 'Series S' Confirmed?

it was always planned to be sx launch title from the get go but obviously issues and covid got in the way and I applaud 343i and Microsoft for being ballsy by delaying it that gives me confidence that they want a quality title and they needed to anyway

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I meant if it was developed only for SX and they didn’t have to worry about an Xbox one version, it would’ve been the only real AAA next gen game launching this year and perhaps even next year, big missed opportunity IMO.

oh I get what your saying now yea but it is what it is all I want is a quality game and the year delay i think will enable 343i to deliver it

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Not necessarily. Game engines are incredibly scalable. We have seen this in games like control, where the PC has many additional graphical features. Ditching the x1 + 1x version would not benefit the game in a 6-12 month time period. It would be like if TLOU2 was cancelled on ps4 and made into a PS5 launch exclusive, i doubt they could do much more then a better lighting model and res + fps bumps all of which are scalable. Basically making a current gen game next gen makes no sense because the next gen version would be the same regardless if a current gen version release or not, so they might as well release the current gen version.

I’m sure you know this but the scalability of an engine isn’t like PC game options where you move a slider up and down. What they are trying to accomplish with each system will require optimization and effort. That optimization and effort to get the game to a solid state on the XBO VCR edition could instead be put towards the Series S/X to look even better. Resources aren’t finite and you can’t fix every issue by throwing money or manpower at it. If they no longer had to worry about last gen, improving assets would be easier, they could potentially do A LOT more with AI, improve animations, focus on RT, etc.

After spending so much time on hardware that was considered underpowered in 2013, I’m sure the devs would be relieved to drop that mess of a system.

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Agreed. Nintendo has always had, and always will have the best games and IPs in gaming. They are a special case

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This gaming is coming out on pc with free to play multiplayer. I am sure they want to build a scalable game that will run on older pcs much like Fortnite does so it makes no sense to drop the Xbox one version which will probably run similarly to low settings on the pc. The delay will give them more time with final hardware, time to add ray tracing support to the series X version, work on some of the textures and tweak some of the designs. A six month delay will essentially mean a full year between that demo and release. That should be enough time to get the game in much better shape.

The funny thing about this whole delay is probably the multiplayer is probably the most complete at this point even without a flighting.

Sucks that we’re in for probably another year of radio silence.

Maybe they can get the mp flight ready for the series x launch. Would be cool for the fans and in line with their original plan for broad flighting

Yeah I agree, I only want a great game and I honestly believe that this will be 343i’s best Halo game yet so I’m very happy that they’re getting the extra time they need, you think this will be a year long delay?

Yep i do but I was wrong about it being delayed

They could do those things, but not in a relatively short delay of several months to a year. Halo infinite is a huge game it would take a long time to rework the whole game to a next gen standard. Unless they want to delay it 2-3yrs, there simply is not the time where a next gen only version would benefit over a cross gen version.

I’m not talking about the next gen reboot that John mentions. I’m more specifically talking about the character models for the brutes, the foliage (and maybe added some player interaction while they are at it), shadows, etc. I thought most of the game looked great outside of some sticking points like the columns, shadows, lighting, brute models, foliage, and such.

If you don’t think the time they are given is enough to raise the standard of the visuals to people’s expectations, then I’d say that even more of a reason to drop the XBO version.

Yeah, I like DF but generally despise Linneman because of his fanboyism, and generally bad takes. I work in software engineering, and like you said starting with a base and deciding to drop the base doesn’t magically make your code or processes more efficient, nor does it automatically match to the new base’s capabilities.


I like Digital Foundry a lot but I think this is a bad take. They are in no position to know the development details to come to the conclusion that dropping the Xbox One version would fix 343 problems. And what about PC, should minimum specs now be a 2080?

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It does not make sense.

There simply is not the time to make new next gen models, finish the game and add foliage. And what about everything else? The polycount of environments, environment detail, effects etc it would look inconsistent if only certain parts were upgraded.

The best plan is just improve the base game, add more lights, improve detail and for the seriesX version add ray tracing, ssd benefits and higher settings across the board.

You say its not like turning up pc settings, but it is, we see this time and time again. Things like AF, Shadow resolution, tessalation and several other visual technologies have levels to them. This is just a feature of game engines.

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I always find comparison to the very best gaming PC is a little off. Compare it to a PC that most people play on (ie 2070 & quadcore i5 level PC). You’ll need a PC with a top of the range SSD, an 8 core CPU and 2080Ti to better a XSX.

If they do anything with the Xbox One version, they should delay it, until the Series X version is up to snuff.

I am sure when Infinite development started, GP did not exist. The emphasis should be to transition players to GP, even over a new console. There are more than 50M XBox One owners. It will also be available on PC, most will be without SSD and GPU/CPU much weaker than XSX, it makes no economic sense for it to be only available to a few million. It needs to pull in 10s of millions to game pass. A smaller game with lot of eye candy such as Ryse would be more suitable for exclusive launch title.


My faith in 343i has lowered, but from what I understand we have the world class devs from Playground and Turn 10 helping out.

They can change things around. This will be a Killzone 2 scenario where it rises from the ashes and show people what Xbox Game Studios is capable of!