Devil May Cry 5: SE Ray Tracing Nextgen Console Upgrades

Video showing off RT in DMC5:SE with nextgen patch. They’re doing reflections, lighting, and shadowing with RT O.o all at 4K 30fps or 1080p60fps


XSX should be 1440p/60fps with RT.


yer this looks really impressive would love to see it on the xsx

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Yep, probably even at 1620p (using the temporal reconstruction of the RE engine).

That being said there should also be an option for 4k/60fps with no RT.

They have 4K/120fbs with no RT.

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So the 120fps mode is at 4k? that’s great news! :nerd_face:

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Definitely be interesting to see DF start analyzing the results :slight_smile:

I’m more interested on how the Series S is gonna handle this. 1440p 30/ 900p 60 RT / 900p 120? Maybe the will use 1080p reconstructed like RE2/3/7 on One S.

1080P60FPS+RT on PS5?

Who bets on 4K60+RT on XSX? Lol

Is the upgrade to Special Edition free? I have the base game

4K30 confirmed for RT on both PS5 and XSX I think.

Nope, it has only been confirmed for PS5 nothing about Xbox side. That is what I asked who makes the bet )

“In DMC5SE, players have the choice to turn on ray tracing and prioritize resolution (targeting 4K @ 30fps), or frame rate (targeting 1080p @ 60fps).”

this is where I got the info from.

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I checked the video, yes you’re right

it’s also hilarious to me that ray tracing update is not coming to PC of all, which is actually leading the technology consoles are already a year or two behind. That dogshit framerate of 4k30 for a heavily action based framerate reliant game like DMC5 would have easily been 4K60 on a 2080Ti (that is already inferior to the 3070 lmaooo) with DLSS 2.0 and OptiX.

Why not on PC??? I prefer 4K60 + turbo mode on, no way I play in 30fps this kind of game

Given it’s Capcom they will likely limit to the same targets.

Would be nice if they just added dynamic scaling to their engine and just had 3 modes. RT 30, RT60 and no RT120.

Could it be due to Sony forcing parity with XSX while preventing the update on PC? It is really suspicious

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It will definitely come to Pc afterwards. They just know they can’t charge for a RT upgrade on Pc so it will come when the console versions stop selling.

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Nah. I think they reach parity for their own reasons and are usually consistent between xbone/ps4 and X/pro

I really doubt that I smell big bs by Sony from miles away. I don’t buy the excuse. Plus Sony is marketing the special edition. I’m sure later we’ll see Capcom games 4k60 with RT and more ambitious without Sony claws on it.

Man an action beat’em all game with RT at 30fps? Nah give me 60