Developers Are Making Games for a Nintendo 4K Console That Doesn’t Exist

Employees at 11 game companies said their teams were in possession of Nintendo’s 4K development kit for the Switch. The companies span the globe, ranging from large publishers to small studios and include at least one that has never made a console game before, Zynga Inc., according to the employees, who asked not to be identified because they weren’t authorized to discuss their projects publicly.

The lack of 4K in next month’s product is significant because it puts Nintendo’s system at a technical disadvantage. Microsoft Corp. and Sony Group Corp. have offered 4K-capable consoles for several years and released even more powerful hardware in 2020 that continues to see insatiable demand. The Nintendo Switch, which came out in 2017, is still selling well and early pre-orders for the Switch OLED in the U.S. and Japan suggest it will be another hit, though Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Sony’s PlayStation 5 are only going to grow stronger as more games come out that take advantage of their increased power.

I know we’ve seen a number of rumors around a 4K Switch or Switch Pro, but I really hope this is real this time. The only thing stopping me from getting a Switch and enjoying the awesome exclusives is how poorly some of the games scale on a 4K TV. I’d even be happy if this system could hit 1080p consistently.


Nintendo already failed in delivering a high powered console in the past, with Gamecube they understood they didn’t stand a chance going into the future with that route, nowadays they are not up to the task honestly, a much higher technical expertise is needed, their online system used a 20 years old infrastructure since this year, come on. I don’t think it’s in their interest following the pixels when people already buy their cheap hardware and are good enough (almost).



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:doge: I guess now it REALLY doesn’t exist :doge:

You beat me :joy: Bloomberg credibility shot again

To be fair, I think Grubb has said something along these lines is in the works, no? I wonder how much more they are going to rely on streaming once this new generation really starts rolling.

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I mean we all wish it was. Having seen their last Direct. They desperately need new hardware.

All this 4k an pro talk is getting old. I’m still hoping it happens.

Although 4k is a stretch. Nintendo should focus on getting their games at 1080p first.


At this point just go to the successor reason I’m saying this is because the report noted that specific components needed for it are bespoken up to 2025

I mean the successor at this point will be just a newer switch. You honestly see nintendo make a console only system? No chance. Wii u flopped so they can’t compete in that market. A handheld only device would limit their games as well.

The successor to switch is gonna be the switch 2. Which will be the switch but more powerful. Maybe thr switch pro was going to come out pre pandemic. And now they’re just gonna spend more time and make it switch 2.

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Probably sounds like we could be with current switch for possibly 2024

“falsely claims that Nintendo is supplying tools to drive game development for a Nintendo Switch with 4K support

so they are working on the Switch 2, understood.

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Which I think is the smart move they are running out of time to do a pro as switch enters its 5th year in 2022

Agreed. At this point in time there is also really not a lot of distinction between a Switch Pro 4k and a Switch 2. NVidia will provide the same silicon anyway.

Outside of botw 2 and prime 4 and possibly Odyssey 2. It’s going to have next to nothing as far as newer games.

Also 3rd party ports will be long gone. It will be like the wii in last few years but worse.

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Unless they are cloud but yea then again devs know there’s money to be made as switch is nearly 100 million units sold

Makes sense why they’re giving so much attention to cloud all of a sudden, but even that they’re only interested in selling you full priced copies of cloud versions.


I trust Bloomberg’s reporting. Would anyone be surprised if Nintendo were trying to suppress the truth to sell more OLED consoles? Of course not.

The truth is that components are hard to come by. Nintendo probably isn’t close to ready to reveal a machine with advanced parts, so why give anyone a reason to not upgrade to OLED?

To be honest, I don’t blame Nintendo for being cagey. NDAs exist for a reason. I bet they’re furious that anything leaked to Bloomberg. In their favor is the fact that they don’t have to announce anything until they want to, meaning we’ll only be able to speculate until then.