Destruction AllStars delayed to February and made into a PS+ game


Brilliant move. Also explains why they haven’t shown/promoted the game.

Makes more sense for it to be a PS+ game, because it was being sent out to die being priced at $70.


The correct move. This game was launching in a few weeks with 0 gameplay, 0 hype, and at a ludicrous combo of 80 Euros launch price and MTXs. This game’s competition are 0-20 dollar games, and it was gonna launch next to stuff like a Spider-Man game for 60 Euros - quite the no-brainer which one folks will pick and actually play if they have to choose.

It was basically DOA like this, but this means the game has a chance now. Hopefully it’s fun.


Smart move. I doubt many people would be willing to pay $70 for this game. With PS+, it has the chance to gain popularity, similar to what happened with Fall Guys.

Really think Bleeding Edge should’ve done something similar and be made a Games with Gold title on launch.

I was because I miss car combat games, but even I felt a little weird about it. Yeah, this is the better call.

Glad to see Sony finally investing in some multiplayer.

Weird to announce this just two weeks before the console launch, but ok


I keep [intentinally] forgetting about console car combat games. I miss good Twisted Metal games. I loved 1, 2 & Black. Black was awesome. I spent embarrassing amounts of time in that game (early college with no kid yet). I kinda sucked at the game, but on regular difficulty I was able to mange. I had so much fun with environmental damage like the plane and ferris wheel.

If a full new twisted metal came out in the caliber of Black, the PS5 would jump on my priority list as soon as BC enhancements for the PS4 games I missed are clarified and verified.

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100% agreed, I’d also throw the PS3 game on that list.

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This is the right decision. The game can still shine and become a hit as a PS Plus title. The $70 they asked for this was just… too much.

Good call developers/Sony.

It’s for the best. There was 0 hype for the game and launch at $70 would be sent to execution.

Now they will have a much better shot at attracting an audience.

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Smart move Sony! Totally gonna play now. Launch was crowded for PS5.

Pretty lame that PlayStation Plus is making games limited to two months. First they went from 4 games a month to 2 games. Now games disappear. I’m a PlayStation plus subscriber and this is worrisome to me.

Probably just a one-off for this, no? Like PS Now does by limiting the period games are listed. Future PS+ games should be permanent with membership, no?

Yeah it’s the first time I’ve seen Sony try this with PS+ , it’s also super weird they do this with PS Now because you would think Sony titles would stay on that service forever similar to Xbox Gamepass. Sony is just annoying sometimes.

Wait, what? It’s not gonna be only playable for 2 months, it means you have 2 months to grab it.

Are you thinking of Playstation Now?

It was being sent out to die at $70. Good move.

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I remember they were going to include driveclub with ps+, sony do get a little generous at the start of gens, I wonder if next gen will see that generosity last longer because of how generous gamepass is?

Sony never change. Also Miles Morales needs to push back a little further, Nov still crowded & DS remake “in my opinion” dose not fit in this holiday season.

Wait, Wut?

Even if you redeem the game it will only be available for 2 months?