Destruction AllStars delayed to February and made into a PS+ game

No, I think he’s misunderstanding.

Well if it doesn’t disappear after two months then why did they mention it. You guys give Sony too much credit.

It disappears from the ability to redeem it. Like every PS+ game ever.

That would be good news if we get to keep it. I’m getting PS5 day one, but I don’t trust sony , so I find the whole wording of the announcement shady just like every thing else Sony does.

I’m not a big Sony fan, but what you’re saying just makes no sense. That’s not what PS+ is or has ever been. I don’t think the wording is shady at all, I think you’re just misunderstanding.

Spider-Man is a strong franchise, and it’s Sony’s top 3 marketable IP, so it should be fine.

So they suddenly decide to push this back 2 weeks out from launch and make it a PS Plus game on top of it…?

Uh huh…:roll_eyes:

The timing is definitely down to the wire and weird, but this is a good move.

The only games I will pay €80 ($95) for are the likes of Cyberpunk 2077, Red Deads etc. a few times per gen. These prices are insane, I’ll nope tfo thank you.

Xbox Game Pass is the best thing in gaming in a long time, that’s for sure.


Good move but I don’t see it being like Rocket League/ Fall Guys PS+ success story

Yeah I suspect this is what they were trying to do here, And while I agree with you I also agree with Sony’s mindset here.

The other motivation is to also ensure people keep their PSN subscription going into the next generation. If say, Microsoft announced in their event that they were making Xbox Live free, you would need a good reason to keep your PSN subscription going.

I was looking forward to this game so this is great news for me.

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Yeah, it’s a very good deal for PS+ users. Hopefully the game finds success.

Excellent decision! It was sent to death with such a steep price.

Now the game can meet the success it deserves on its own merit like Rocket League.

It seems really fun.

I will make sure to redeem it. This game doesn’t look like its worth the 70 bucks they are asking, so this is a very smart movr.