Destiny 2 - Xbox Series X upgrade

Wow …just wow …looks and plays fucking amazing …just put 3 hours into beyond light…feels like a new game…well done Bungie :clap:


I agree. It is so smooth and also ‘cleaner’ most likely due to the increased frame rate improving motion resolution.

Destiny has always had good gun play but 60fps takes it up to another level.


Yep very nice update, I’ve set the fov at 105 and it looks glorious.

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I got to play a bit last last. Fucking gorgeous. But also, I had my first ever freeze/crash in Destiny that I can remember.

How far into Beyond Light do I get Stasis powers?

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Ooh cool, can’t wait to try it out.

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90 for me …glorious

A totally new game

The difference is frankly shocking

I will play Destiny 2 now!

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I remember that even on One X there was aliasing, do we get a perfectly clean picture now? :slight_smile:

And HDR, have they fixed it?

Yeah calibrate ya hd settings on the xbox app use hgig…leave the hdr in game settings at default

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There is still some aliasing, yeah. I cant say how it compares with the One X, cause last time a played D2 was long ago and I don’t remember. Overall, looks cleaner tho, but the aliasing is there in floor grills and in bars like metal banisters. It seems to be locked 60 fps tho, runs pristine.

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It looks way better than on One X to me - that might mainly be because they’ve fixed HDR but I also think there is a much cleaner image generally. It looks to me equivalent to high end PC now.


Yep the update is great the game is even more beautiful and smoother. Love it!


I’m not a big fan of Destiny but damn, playing this with the SX patch made it feel so much different, it’s like a little taste of next gen I feel.


Game looks incredible now, its another experience entirely now.


Glad I am not the only one who thinks the game looks cleaner. I have said it previously that this could be because the jump to 60fps ups the temporal resolution as well, and because the resolution stayed the same at 4K we are getting a win-win.

one of the best 3rd party upgrades so far, if not the best. Bungie for sure know how their engine works.

Wow, just tried it out today and this upgrade is a game changer! Multiplayer felt unbelievable!

One of the best Series S | X optimized games yet.

It feels like a new game altogether. So smooth and I love the increased FOV.

I can’t believe how clunky it was now that I’ve seen it in 60 and 120 FPS.

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Has this game still got a ui which isnt OLED long term friendly?

I cant believe this is still a thing

Remeber the burn in stuff from 15years ago with plasma tv:s… sure it had better image quality than lcd but the tech never felt “finished”

oled does not feel finished either since this is still a thing - it boggles my mind that people can stand this in 2020