Depp Vs Heard, the worst Hollywood love story

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I hope depp wins


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Man it feels like their defence is that the mountain of witnesses and evidence against her are liars / fake, and her subpar acting is the truth.

The other day I saw a video comparison. One was from a movie where she was acting sad, emotional and crying or trying to cry and the other was from the trial. It was crazy how similar that was. She’s 100% acting and I truly hope the jury sees through it.

Whereas when JD spoke, that to me looked very genuine.


I have been following most of the trial and I am yet to see anything honest from Amber.

I suspect Johnny did get very aggressive while drunk/drugged but her arguments make no sense (e.g. being hit in the face repeatedly with Johnny’s massive rings, then not having a mark on her the following day and/or witnesses who spoke to her the following day not remembering correctly - that they didn’t see anything).

Johnny’s evidence where Amber literally admits to hitting him repeatedly and her lying (under oath) about donating the 7 million is pretty damming.


Yeah that part about the rings, she’s not fooling anyone. And she only makes a photo of a bruise on her arm but not her face and the side we can see of her face is fine. Plus there are photos where she has bruises on her face on day one and day two it’s all gone.

We had people testify that when JD got drunk he would still be an enjoyable person to be around, not get violent or anything. JD himself said the only person he’s ever abused is himself with all the drugs and alcohol. I think I believe him. Amber has a history of having loose hands, police record of hitting her ex girlfriend.


Wasn’t there also a photo of Elon with a bruised face while she was dating him?

Oh wow, honestly I don’t know because I haven’t followed the trial all the way, it’s a lot of hours to dedicate to it.

One thing said by JD I thought was just sad. Basically he said that when those allegations started he was already convicted, by media, public opinion and that’s something he will always have to live with. It’s good that he’s fighting against her, I bet she didn’t expect that. From what I heard it was him that just wanted their whole life to stay out of the public eye, so that the divorce would just happen, no extra shenanigans and stuff. Even when the tip of his finger was cut off he told everyone that knew about it not to involve Amber further in it, not to mention her name as who did it.

But then she decided to accuse him a few years ago. And act like the victim, he a spokesperson for women and what not. The more we learn from the trial the more it becomes clear what a horrible person she is. Scary too, those faces she pulls, sheesh.

Just found the image:


Yep very sad indeed, both of their careers will now be ruined regardless.

I just listened to the part where it was Amber that allegedly leaked information to a news outlet including the video of Johnny banging cupboards despite stating she didn’t (her deposition video basically confirms it!).

It is a significant amount of time so I’m only dipping in and out (as I find it interesting) but I haven’t really heard anything that supports Amber story of events yet. Her arguments always seem to be the same, it’s untrue or they are lying, never anything factual.

When her defence try to submit something factual it’s torn apart by Johnny’s lawyers, for example her birthday party where she returned with everyone else but her driver stated she didn’t (she stated her driver didn’t remember it correctly even though she confirmed she was drunk and had taken mushrooms).


I kinda doubt JD will win this case, but I think he won the case of public opinion, which is ultimately what he wanted I believe.

If he loses this then it’s disgrace

It shows how shit the justice system is and it’s an insult to men who get abused and actual female abuse victims and a perfect example of why people dont bother coming forward

The only evidence of actual abuse is her straight up admitting to hitting him while all her claims have been debunked by numerous witnesses, not to mention she’s lied about numerous things and her story keeps changing


Well it is a defamation case not an abuse(criminal) case. Defamation is extremely hard to prove, it isn’t like where there is not enough proof of abuse so he’s “not guilty” like in a criminal case, he basically has to prove he is 100% innocent thus make her statements to the media false. The fact that they were in a toxic relationship almost makes this an automatic loss on a technical level IMO. We’re talking like they didn’t even know each other level of proof needed to surely win.

I don’t think his goal was ever to really win this. He just wanted his name cleared and for the public to really know what went on. That said JD’s team has done an excellent job and AH really is a toxic abusive woman so the jury very well may decide to punish her.

At first I thought he wasn’t gonna share his life, his drug and alcohol abuse to the world, lay it all open if he wasn’t pretty confident about winning. But maybe you’re right. It would be a damn shame though.

Holy shit, this girl really is fucking cuckoo for coco puffs. Listen to this

Skip to around the 3 min mark


Johnny Depp is a talented guy so this whole thing just makes me sad. Even apart from the whole debacle with Amber Heard. I remember the Rolling Stone profile from a couple years back. So much money and talent just being frittered away on nonsense.


From what I gathered after keeping up with this is that they’re both super toxic to each other and had no business being in a relationship with one another.

I don’t believe Depp is some angel that a bunch of content creators on YouTube are trying to portray him as to farm views from gullible people.

I hope they both find their peace after this or some ounce of closure. Amber should lose her jobs just like Depp did.

That’s all I got to say on it.


Naw, I think everyone is aware he has drug problems. I think the point was to show he was a non-violent “stoner” type, rather than a violent drunk. Mainly to show he is someone deserving of sympathy for his problems.


I’ve watched each day and it’s a bit more than that. She looks to have possibly faked injuries, staged “fights”, abused Debb physically and mentally, married for money promised to donate all money from divorce to charity to clear her name of being a gold digger but never donated the money after saying multiple times she did then blammed it all on Debb suing her 13 months after she got the money.

She gifted him a large knife after being allegedly abused her. There aren’t any medical records at all, no one has seen him hit her, she is saying everyone is just on his pay role (including cops) and not to trust them but all her witnesses are her ex friends she no longer talks too after they all got booted from Debbs penthouses.

Little more than that haha.


That donation money was the biggest “you are full of shit moment” in the whole trail thus far. Vasquez repeatedly asked her why is the money sitting in your bank account, the only response she got was I am paying in installments??? So the money is there in your bank account, you could pay the charities in full today, you say you don’t want any of the money, that you are financially stable away from Johnny, but you are paying in installments?? Yeah okay Amber, sure.