Demo of Xbox Series S Quick Resume

It looks like the average switch time is ~6 seconds, so expect PS5 to be ~3 seconds.


There’s no quick resume announced for Ps5. Might be to them not having redundancy to avoid write degradation.

Though with the rumored activities support they might resume the game right to your save at similar or even lower speeds.

Would also be nice for Ms to show how quickly would the console switch from quick resume after the previous game state has already been dumped into the ssd.


Isn’t Quick Resume predicated on ‘save states’ being kept in RAM? So the application code would be loaded from SSD and then immediately apply save state to that, or am I missing something.

Quick resume on Xbone works like that.

On SX and SS they are dumping the ram state into the SSD and loading the new game state in those 6s.

So it would be around 3s for each (in reality writing is slower so it would take a bit extra time)

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If RAM is involved than I would expect Quick Resume to be even faster on Series X.

I’m definitely going to be using this feature quite a bit. First I want to see if all works properly. So for example, no performance issues after a certain amount of games have been opened up like this. But if the feature is just smooth sailing…hell yes.

And I wonder, we see them opening SW, Minecraft Dungeons, Skate and Black. 4 games. But can we do RDR2 and Witcher 3 instead of Skate and Black I wonder? Meaning, can we use quick resume on a total of 4 Xbox one games at the same time? I’m sure having very “heavy” games running has to be a resource hog?

Maybe it would be faster if they didn’t try to support so many games

It was instant for 1 game on PS4 and Switch so given these consoles are SSD based, I’m not understanding the lag time here.

I would have preferred we had instant switching for 2 games rather than really slow switching for 6

If you go back to the loaded game it’s still instant.

Like to switch between a game and apps or getting back to the previous used app before turning the console down.

Which is the current implementation on ps4/xbone.

But for the next gen they are expanding that to multiple games, so when you open another game instead of just closing it like it does on xbone it saves the state to the ssd.

The new game launched will still be instant if you switch between apps or shut down the console in standby.


Yeah. This is exactly how it works on the next-gen console, so the feature will be greatly expanded compared to this gen.

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Looking good. As long as it is in single digit seconds it doesn’t really matter does it?

Yeah absolutely no one would use this feature like shown in this demo, where they switch like 4 times in two minutes lmao, of course it’d look like it’s taking up too much time. But imagine hours of game time, in that context these four to five seconds shall be nothing. This was completely trivial on pc but what fascinated me was the fact that you could turn off the console, return to it days later and just continue where you left off. Now that’s not possible on any pc lol so definitely looking forward to it.

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I hope you can flag a game as not even bothering with quick resume. For multiplayer centric games they shouldn’t take up a slot in the 6 game slot because it is going to have to go back to main menu again anyway.


While I always play one game at a time until completion and then move on to my next game, Quick Resume is such a great feature for those who do like to switch from one game to another on the fly.

Personally think it will be most useful when you are playing a game and a friend asks you to play another, which at this point you just suspend your game and come back to it later.



We would still save time as we wouldn’t have to go through those initial screens with the developer and engine logos - some games take almost a minute until I can “Press A to start the game”.

Ideally, that won’t be the case with new games, but that is true for current gen games.

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PS5 may not have this feature because storage is at a premium for them. Maybe they’ll patch the OS so it can support 2-3 games switching?

Save States don’t look at the application, they only dump the contents of memory into long term storage.

With more memory to record (12.5GB vs 7.5-8GB), it would be slower, but since the memory bandwidth is greater, it likely will be a wash between the two models.

The instant loading on PS4 and Xbox (it was buggy on the Xbox) meant the game was still in memory after you put the console into stand by mode. So it was instant as there was no loading from the HDD required.

The only drawback from supporting multiple games is that it’s storage space reserved for the OS. It sounds like they’re compressing this data (loading 12GB in 3 seconds only possible with compression on XSX) so each game would feasibly take 6GB of storage. So 36GB total. I imagine this number could change if MS’s user metrics show that people only really go between 3-4 titles. That’s what I’d do if I was MS because storage is at a premium.

Totally agree. If I’m sitting in a lobby for Warzone/Fortnite/Apex it’s useless to have that state saved.

These new games should theoretically load fast enough from the dashboard to the lobby that it’s no issue.

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The speed doesn’t change by how many games you support quick resume for. Only the space reserved on the SSD.

For DF Ms said they reserved a space required for 3 SX games (but likely compressed as you pointed out since it’s loading 13.5GB of data), and for BC games it will keep as much as it fits in that space, but in their testing it averaged to 6 games.

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