Demo of Xbox Series S Quick Resume

Does the PS5 have this feature though or something similar?

It’s not really slow, though? And this is these are backcompact games that don’t really take advantage of the ssd and velocity architecture.

PS5 is rumored to have activities, like the game will expose icons to launch the game with some action (like enter the queue for the ranked match, or start the game right on my last save) so it could potentially be just as seamless, and perhaps even faster given the faster ssd and how it doesn’t need to store the current game state before loading.

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This feature will be great in conjunction with Gamepass. Having many games and being able to switch from one to the other to try them out is something I’ll definitely be using (alot).

I do find it odd that this is a feature that MS has been pushing and showcasing for a while. While Sony has been quiet on this. If they did they’d be harping about it by now. Maybe their OS doesn’t support it yet.

Remember, the Velocity Architecture is more than just the raw speed of the SSD.

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I feel like this could screw with achievement tracking lol

people don’t seem to realize, this literally breaks Dark Souls lmaoo

The games don’t fucking pause (fortunately Sekiro does) and that can get super annoying at times. Now with quick resume, the game is forced by literal hardware to create a save state and dump that shit into the SSD while you search for a walkthough or cheese strat (cuz of course you do) for some boss and return back having cheated the game’s inherent design. :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: