Deciphering Sony's Next Gen Direction

Now I know why the main character doesn’t look that much better compared to the first game lol. I remember reading a thread on Resetera about how much more detail there is and used an example of her ear and I was like to myself "I don’t really see much difference. An improvement sure but not a generational difference. " I guess I have found a reason as to why :wink:.


This so much. I never saw crossgen games as a bad thing and I am now laughing at everyone who bashed Xbox for doing it. It’s good the PS5 games are coming to PS4.

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I think my biggest issue is, the Sony fan boys on twitter and other social sites/forums are absolutely unbearable. (the same can definitely be said for some xbox fanboys too, maybe Sony fans seem worst as they have a bigger fan base, so you see more of the toxic ones)

But literally, they’ve flocked to the Xbox pages, with memes, negative comments, I chose ps5, etc etc.

This is literally within a minute of xbox’s twitter post, now imagine being a fully grown adult, following a system or brand you don’t care for, and then slinging shit at a company that honestly doesn’t care for you, it is embarrassing. (as mentioned there is definitely some embarrassing xbox fanboys too)

I just don’t understand why people can’t enjoy their platform of choice, without dumping on someone else’s preference, everyone should be excited about the games coming out.

I am mega excited for the series x, and I love gaming on my switch too (been loving ni no kuni recently) , and if Sony remembered ape escape existed, I’d certainly be interested in the ps5.

Maybe I’m getting old or something, but I just feel it’s nearly impossible to look at news for things I’m passionate about without negativity.

I feel like it sucks out the fun and excitement for a hobby we all love :frowning:

Kinda turned into a dear diary post haha.


Welcome to the social landscape of the internet, before Xbox One, everyone was happy with their consoles and that was that. Now it’s crossed the point where overgrown children use Twitter and forums as an attack vector for no apparent reason. I guess humanity is at a stage where we are too comfortable so we just pick sides and fight about it endlessly.


sony raised the price of their first party titles, and announced that three of their ps5 games are actually cross gen while presenting them as ps5 exclusives for the past couple of months… hilarious stuff.


It’s hardly a 2013 Don Mattrick what Sony did today, but it’s about 50% of the way there. Sony is arrogant and rightfully so. They’ve dominated gaming for 25+ years. I see Nintendo winning the next generation just because of the Switch form-factor alone, but Sony will still finish a close 2nd and MS a distant 3rd.

We believe in generations!


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Man you can’t imagine how hard I laughed today, and I’m still laughing. I think I never laughed so hard in a day about gaming news. Hope I won’t die of laughter…Lmao

The backfiring is powerfull today

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The “Jim didn’t lie” campaign has already begun

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Sony Wants A Faster Shift From PS4 To PS5 Than In Previous Generations Sony is aiming for “a scale and a pace that we’ve never delivered on before” for players adopting the PS5.


Ryan said he expects up to four years for the PlayStation 4′s expected life span, which makes sense considering the console’s large install base. The PlayStation 2 had a life span of about 13 years, and developers continued to support it several years after the PlayStation 3 approached its middle age

“The PS4 community will continue to be incredibly important to us for three or four years,” Ryan said. “Many will transition to PS5, we hope if we do our job well, but tens of millions will still be engaged with the PS4.” Sony has also expressed increasing interest in porting games to the PC, as we saw earlier this year with the releases of “Death Stranding” and “Horizon: Zero Dawn.”

Freaking hilarious!


This is what is so infuriating about Sony sometimes. They have this strong loyal fanbase and tons of media backing, but they still choose to be deceptive, chase trends, and are just overall seemingly insecure about their position in the market. It doesn’t have to be that way though. They could have released an 8-9TF PS5 and would have been perfectly fine. They may have lost some DF comparisons, but lets be honest here the real power users are on PC anyway. Sony has a strong enough 1st party that they can do their own thing like Nintendo, they don’t need to pull all of this BS.


Yes totally agree with you. If they have been upfront since the start and building a 8tf stable ps5 all would have been fine even with df face offs etc.

But nope they were too proud and vile to let MS win the power crown back. Dirty tricks lead to dirty results. Now they have an overclocked ps5 which will probably go back to 8tf but with lies they don’t deserve the excuses now

What an astounding turn of events. Series X|S ended up with more confirmed next-gen exclusives than PS5.

Sony got rattled.

The Series X|S pricing forced them to take a massive loss on the PS5 DE. They were also probably hoping to sell the disc version for $550. Now they’re trying to recoup by raising game prices to $70. And now most of their games will be cross-gen.

And now they look like a bunch of liars. Proves that they just never had a solid next-gen plan.


Imagine if they released the lower spec PS5 last holiday as was rumored. They would be in a very strong position right now.

I generally agree that Sony and their fans do seem incredibly insecure. The fanboys are always digging deep to find shit to throw at Xbox. It’s completely unnecessary.


Yes you are right they should have stay humble and play safe but they didn’t so MS clearly outsmart them and now they are screwed in every way. 4D chess mind game.


I’m not afraid to admit I’m awash in delicious schadenfreude right now.


Can someone explain this to me? I read that disc copies would also receive free upgrades.

Edit: never mind me! I thought this was about games, not the systems.

How is a $100 gap between the systems bad?

Some people feel like they’re wrongfully being forced to subsidize the cost of the PS5 DE by getting the regular PS5.


The problem is all of the gaming media has done this for the last year. All of them.

None of them are getting a pass on this. The damage is also done now. They can’t even fix it. They could start be utterly savaging Sony today but they won’t.