Deciphering Sony's Next Gen Direction

  • -PS5/Some PS4 games will now cost cost $70
  • -Miles, Horizon and Sackboy will be cross gen (not anti-consumer but essentially lied to the the entire fanbase that they only believe in hard generations)
  • -FF16 and Demon’s Souls are coming to PC (was never clear about the exclusivity until after the show)
  • -Dualsense Controller will be $70 unlike PS4’s at $50
  • -Europe will get PS5 a week later
  • -Charging $100 more for a Disc version

If Demon’s Souls comes to PS4 as the trailer suggested, that might be worse than some of these items all on its own. In that case, you’d have Sony taking games away from their own fanbase on PS4 in service of misleading them into buying a PS5 for what is ostensibly a PS5-only DS experience.

Might be a mistake though, but at this point it sounds like ppl will be skeptical of that explanation and rightfully so. I agree with your points here, except the last one. That one is fine imho. That’s them making the digital version cheaper since they can make $$$ back via their own storefront. That’s ok imho. The small Euso delay isn’t a huge deal either, but I’m hearing that Sony is pricing their versions higher than exchange rates would be, so…

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Microsoft got ripped apart for weeks when they said they will have games on both Xbox one and xbox series x…

Everyone saying they will hold the games back etc etc.

This is wild to find out sackboy, myles morale and horizon 2 is on ps4…

Ah well, no one will care though, it is only an issue when it can be used against Xbox :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s early hours, but this really does show the utter compromised reality of much of the games press if nobody can muster the balls to write about how Sony lied for months. And left a lot of them looking very silly indeed. Even so called Xbox writers were drinking the kool aid


I agree but the Demon Souls thing has been corrected.

Sony just shot themselves in the foot. I don’t know if any of you know the japanese culture but…



No one will say shit though…


When you have a gaming “media” that basically acts as your PR firm, you can get away with a lot of stuff.


This whole situation is incredibly cathartic and I’m not afraid to admit it.

Seeing the reaction to cross gen, particularly Horizon, is just so damn satisfying. The reality is that cross gen is a GOOD IDEA. Locking people out of content in order to push you to buy a $400-$500 piece of tech is bullshit and anti consumer unless there’s no way the same content can’t be made on the older tech.


Not even that. It is a necessity. AAA games cost an arm and a leg and you ain’t shit making a good profit off an install base that will struggle to reach 10+ million come this time next year.


I mean, if you take out the hype on Ps5 just for a little bit, from a consumer pov, there is no doubt xbox is offering a much better cost/benefit than Sony. Not just the first party game price drama, but if we think on gamepass, all xbox one titles BC day one (plus 360 and OG games), devices compat. It is just crazy and honestly it is not even on the same league.


Totally agree.

And just look at the timelines. Spider-Man just came out two years ago. Horizon 3.5 years ago. Do we think that 27 months/4 years is enough time to make a game built from the ground up that takes FULL ADVANTAGE of PS5 hardware?

I don’t. But THAT’S OKAY! They’ll likely be great game’s anyway! Sheesh!

It’s hilarious to me people were hyping up both Spiderman & Horizon saying they’re proper next gen games not being held back then this news hits… lmao it’s so bad and I bet people who kept spewing this crap are probably deflecting or ignoring those facts.

It’s good they’re coming to PS4!


Yes people need to stay off biased media

I get my news from:

Digital foundry

Official social media channels (xbox, playstation, Nintendo)



I don’t blame them. They were fed by Sony’s PR and didn’t even have a second thought about it. But they made the mistake to push it against Xbox and it is backfiring real hard now.

MS was pretty clear about their intent for next-gen. They played it fair.


I live in SK, which is an absolutely PS-dominant country despite hate for Japan and all that, idk why. Just days before this Sony event, PS fanboys were just trashing Xbox community with how XSS’s gonna hold back XSX, Xbox has no true next-gen games. Now, after the event, they’re sucking Sony’s dong balls deep about how cross-gen support is a good thing and how genius of Sony to make PS5DE $399 making XSS obsolete. Hypocrisy of that fanbase is no joke.


Gamepass is the best value on the market no question. Unbeatable. And you have all MS 1st party exclusives included. What the hell is this kind of deal. A pure steal. You can’t fight that.

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Spiderman was the main one like the original game only came out in 2018. Did people think it was a built from the ground up PS5 game after only 2 years of development? I said from day one it is a PS4 game win a next gen coat of paint. Basically it is the Tomb Raider for this generation.

Lobotomised sheeps


Then : “Cross-gen is baaaad! Look at Horizon Forbidden West, that is not possible on current gen. Xbox baad”

Now :