Deceptive Methods: A Historical Conspiracy Podcast |OT|

Why hello there. My wife Amanda (who reviewed Stardew Valley for the site) is a history major and she’s been working on this idea in her head for years now. Each month she’s going to teach me a different historical conspiracy and I figured I’d make an OT on here about it and abuse my privileges as moderator! We’re recording the first episode this weekend so I’ve taken the liberty of creating a YouTube, Anchor.FM, and Instagram page for the show.

Deceptive Methods - YouTube

Deceptive Methods • A podcast on Anchor

Deceptive Methods Podcast (@deceptivemethods) • Instagram photos and videos

Deceptive Methods (@DeceptiveMethod) / Twitter

If you have any suggestions I setup an email as well.

Also a huge shout out to the incredible @Predrag for the cover art.


Subbed! This is right up my alley!


Added in a new twitter account and episode 1 is in the can!

I will sub but please let us know when she puts the first video up on youtube please

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Episode 1 - Midnight Climax is live! First on Anchor which will slowly propagate it elsewhere. YouTube is just a static image with the audio behind it for now, we may move to full video recordings in the future if the show really takes off.


Someone’s been listening to Last Pod :wink: I kid, the timing is perfect though and I’ll have to give it a listen.

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Have never listed to a single episode, funnily enough.

Here is the RSS Feed for anyone looking to use it.


We’re now listed on Apple Podcasts, should be on Google Podcasts soon, Spotify, Anchor, and we have the YouTube page. About as many options as I could figure out so hopefully it works well for everyone!


I miss my iPhone and non garbage podcast apps. :smiley:

I shall continue on youtube for now. Means I pay more attention.

Podcast Addict on Android is the bee’s knees.

Oh good tip, my last recommendation was Podcast Republic and its a pain.

Its easier to download them to my ipod via itunes and listen there

Podcast Addict search apple podcasts where we are now too!

Historical bump! It’s been just about a month and we’re almost ready to record the next episode!


Oh cool! During work I binge listen to Dateline, Parcasts Conspiracy Theories and a couple other podcasts. Followed!

I keep wanting to send recommendations but also wanting to find something juicy and “fresh” and not already discussed a million times :wink:

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That’s the tough part! so many great shows/podcasts out there covering so much already.

Episode 2 is in the can! Now scheduled for 6am EDT which is exactly 6 hours from now.

I forgot to post it here, sorry!


Episode 3 is up :slight_smile: