Death's Door Previews (Xbox Exclusive Indie Published by Devolver Digital)

Jez really likes it!


Wish it was on gamepass, but think I will give it a shot if the launch price is decent

It’s currently discounted to £14.27 if you want to preorder.

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I think it’s $16.99 with a launch discount.

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Pretty sure you are right. I’m going to pre order this. I really wish it came out at the beginning of the month and not when all the day 1 Gamepass games hit lol.

Feels pretty strange to see an Xbox console exclusive indie title not launching on Game Pass. I wonder what the reason for that is.

It looks like a fun game but I’m going to have to wait & see what people say about it, instead of just trying it for myself day one :man_shrugging:

Maybe the reason is because of what’s been shared in the other thread, who knows :sweat_smile:

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@YoungGrumpyMan what was shared? What did I miss?

Thanks, going to pre-order

I think I will too. I doubt there’ll be a Rewards punch card :sweat_smile:

It comes out July 20th so we still have like 2 more weeks where they can announce if it coming to gamepass or not finger cross.

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This game looks so good; the combat variety of just that grandma fight makes it look super thoughtful and fun to play.

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Looks really good from what I’m seeing based on previews. So it is not on Gamepass? Gonna buy it then.

July 20? Hmm. I’ll go check some videos out.

I usually don’t buy these type of games because they often end up on GP right away or a little later, but I might!

No it is not on Game Pass, although it is up for sale for only £14.27 atm, so it is priced very well. I have a bunch of points saved up that I was going to use for Stellaris, but I might buy this instead.

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This was one of my favorite games from the Indie show months back and it’s looking like it’ll live up to the promise. Classic Zelda meets Soulsbourne sounds damned great on paper. Appears to control very well. Love the art. Too bad it’s not on Game Pass but it’s a really good price.


Unfortunate but not a big deal. The price is fair indeed for this kind of game imho.

I’m absolutely getting this. It looks great.

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