Deathloop is coming to Xbox and Game Pass September 20th

I’m sure there will be at some point. They probably couldn’t risk it leaking on store fronts and inadvertantly breaking the exclusivity deal.

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The retail is on sites but declared “Out of stock.” It looks like it will happen eventually.

Yeah it’ll be there for black Friday / Christmas holidays.

Can confirm, I just checked Amazon.

This game should be live 50 minutes from when I post this.

Ok, so I’ve just started playing this game, and I’ve got a question that will determine whether I’ll continue… Decently mild spoilers ahead about what you’ll see in the first 30-45 minutes of gameplay, so I’ll spoiler tag it for anyone who wants to stay unsullied.

I really dislike rougelikes and the whole live-die-repeat gameplay mechanic, but I’d been told that Deathloop wasn’t that. And that the looping bit was more about what the story is, and that the gameplay isn’t actually repititious.

So, just to see what would happen, I let the first group of enemies kill me (not the lone guy with his back to me) and what do you know? I’m back at the beach. Having to go through all the motions of picking up my gun, my hacking thingie, my machete… listening to Juliana’s message again… Having to cover the same ground I’d already covered to get back, kill that first guy again, etc.

Is this the way this game is going to continue to be every time I die? Or is it just the starting area that’s like this?


Fuck sony in the backside if that happens. Nothing they can do about physical copies. It will eventually come out. Hopefully not for 70. But we know ms wont do that

PSA : The centered crosshair option is under HUD in the options then you have to press RB to get to the second page. Go down a bit and around the middle of the list you have a toggle Yes/No. Toggle the option to “No” as it’s “Yes” by default. You’re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think Deathloop has the best photomode I’ve ever seen. So many options.

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I believe I’ve answered my own question.

Once you’ve completed the first area you get the ability to have “reprises,” which as far as I understand it are extra lives, and whenever you die you get to pick up right where you were as long as you have reprises remaining. But if you’re out of those, you do have to begin again at the beginning of the area.

Luckily they let you set the number of reprises yourself, and you can choose infinite, so that’s what I did. Should reduce the rougelikes aspects as much as possible.


Going off the XboxEra review, you also gain reprises from completing major milestones killing off the primary targets.

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Good to know. I never read reviews for anything, so I had no idea. I’ll keep my setting to infinite, but it may be useful to know for others. Thanks.

I only played like 15 minutes so far but it’s enough to know that this is totally a game for me.


Holy shit this is amazing. The aiming and shooting has been SERIOSULY tightened up. You can feel input from ID and maybe Machine games here.

Since Redfall was announced ive been worried about Arkane making a competent action shooter. I loved Dishonoured and Prey but they never handled well (because they mostly didn’t need too). Deathloop has totally allayed those fears. This is an ACTUAL shooter. This feels as good as DOOM imo, which is crazy considering how many additional mechanics it has.

Arkane are my favourite studio and i didnt think they would ever outdo Dishonoured 1+2 which are goated for me, but man, Deathloop might actually take the crown. I know its had an additional year since launch, but its just so polished.


Do saves work between ps5 and Xbox?


Ok. Thanks.

There’s also another part:

I haven't got there yet but at some point you also get Residuum which allows you to keep all your weapons and trinkets etc, even if you use up all your reprises (lives) and start a new loop.
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Wasn’t there supposed to be a Ultimate perk? I don’t see it

It’s there for me. I literally just claimed it a few seconds ago. Maybe it’s rolling out as I type this.